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By Ed Snyder

Ed Snyder

A Special note of interest; The Texas Share-A-Lunker Display will be at the Twin Dikes Marina Facility on Saturday, February 20, 1999, at the BassMaster's Texas Invitational Tournament. This "very Impressive" bass replica display of Lonestar Lunker bass of 13 lbs and up is "gar-an-teed" to cause major "pal-pi-tations" amongst those bass anglers who "dream" of catchin' the big-un. "Don't miss it folks"

Texas Share-a-lunker Update

On Tuesday, November 24, 1998, the Budweiser ShareLunker Program's thirteenth season unexpectedly began a week early with a 13.41 pound Lake Fork largemouth bass that was caught by Bob Lastinger of Yantis, Texas, while crappie fishing under one of the many bridges that cross Lake Fork.

While reeling in his crappie jig which was attached to six pound test line, Lastinger foul-hooked the one-eyed fish and delicately brought her up from 15 feet of water. The fish had a length and girth of 25.75 inches and 21 inches, respectively.

After producing three lunkers during the 1997 season, Lake Conroe was regarded as a potential threat to Lake Fork for top honors in the category of " Lake with the Most Entries" going into the 1998 season. However, Mother Nature had other plans for Lake Conroe during 1998 as she delivered an excessive amount of rain to the area.

Throughout the spring, the lake was plagued with an above normal water level and very turbid conditions, both of which hampered anglers success.

Now With the water level normal and good water clarity, Lake Conroe is once again primed for a run at the program's top position as evidenced by Curtis Newman's catch this past weekend. At 2:30 p.m. on Friday, January 15, 1999, while fishing a jig/crawworm along a boat- house in 5 feet of water, Newman hooked and quickly landed a 13.56 pound largemouth bass with a length of 28 inches.

The department feels fortunate to have received the fish since Newman was practicing for a club tournament. Often when anglers catch fish like these while practicing for a tournament they release the fish in hopes of catching it again. It is possible Newman recognized the chance of catching that fish again during the next two days would be slim.

Louisiana Lunker Bass Update-None

Here is information from Sportsmen Conservationists of Texas (SCOT) on bills that have been filed for the upcoming 76th Texas Legislative session. The session begins Jan. 12, and ends May 31.

The Texas Legislative Library has a toll-free phone number for checking the status of a bill (where it is, where it's going, committee assignment, etc.). The number is 1 (877) 824-7038, and all you need to know is the bill number or title.

Gov. George W. Bush, Jr. has a toll-free number if you wish to make a comment on a bill, or any other subject...(800) 252-9600

The bills are being put online fairly quickly after they are introduced. You may want to familiarize yourself with Texas Capitol Online (TCO) at where information on bills and other state government matters may be found.

If you know the bill number, go to Http:// to reach "View Individual Bill Information"

Then choose 76th Regular Session, enter Bill Number (example hb11), and choose what you want to see--Text or Actions or Full History, etc., and submit--then click on Text, Fiscal Note, etc. I often use Bill Text at to locate bills.

You also may use Bill Search at Now is a good time to test them all.

HCR 23 (that's House Concurrent Resolution 23) has been filed by Ron Clark of Sherman (512/463-0474). It asks the 76th Legislature to pass a resolution to: 1) request the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to include the economic impact of the cormorant on sport fishing in its ongoing evaluation of the double-crested cormorant and that the FWS create a contingency plan for addressing site-specific cormorant problems in sport fishing areas; and 2) ask the FWS to consider the removal of the double-crested cormorant from the protection of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act if the national economic losses warrant severe control methods to keep the cormorant population at a manageable level within a given region; and 3) have the secretary of state forward an official copy of the resolution to the director of the FWS.

HB 579 by Mike Krusee of Austin (512/463-0670) regarding sales tax on the retail sale of boats and motors, would make the seller liable for the tax if the purchaser paid the tax to the seller. Would allow the purchaser to get a Texas certificate of number or certificate of title if he provides proof the tax was paid to the seller.

TP & W Stocks Jasper Fish Hatchery with Rainbow Trout

As reported to us by Jasper State Hatchery officials, Rainbow Trout have been stocked into their fishing canals located on the premises.

"We are opening our facility to the School, Church, Boyscout/Girlscout, and physically challenged organizations that would like to come out and have some fun catching fish, announced Pete Ray, of the Jasper Fish Hatchery. "We'll probably have the trout here until about March, he explained, "then we'll start stocking it with bass and catfish. "The trout are for catching and taking home, he informed, "as the bass and catfish will be for catch & release only. For more information on this project for the kids and physically challenged anglers to enjoy a day of fishing at the Hatchery, call Pete Ray at (409)384-2221.

Subject: Turkey muzzleloader

This is a clarification of the effects of HB 11 by Goolsby. If HB 11 passes as introduced, you could only hunt turkey in Texas with a shotgun. You could not use a rifle, spring or fall. Also, you would not be able to hunt turkey during any muzzleloader-only season. You would be allowed to use a muzzleloader shotgun during the regular seasons.

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