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"Falcon" The Choice of Champions
By Ed Snyder

Ed Snyder

"We are among the top five rod manufacturers in the United States today who actually build their rods "here", in the U.S. of A., from the ground up, states Mike Michalec, "Rep" for Falcon fishing rods. "I've been a "rep" in the fishing tackle industry for 12 years, Mike went on to state, adding that he has also been a tournament angler since 1978, winning a recent Bass n' Bucks team event with Harold Stalcup on Lake Sam Rayburn. "I know what the tournament angler wants, stresses Mike, "but I also know what the weekend angler is looking for as well.

For thirty years now, the company owned rod manufacturing plant in Harrison AR,, which has built "high quality" fishing rods, such as the original Lew Childress rods, which revolutionized the fishing industry with its line of graphite rods back in the 1970's, has put superior built fishing rods into the hands of the "consumer" angler. "Besides using the finest quality class of rod blanks available in the market today, we also rely on our Japanese friends from Fuji to keep us "tuned-up"with the latest and greatest components needed for our rod tips, rod guides, rod handles, etc, etc.

"There is a considerable difference in being a rod manufacturer, rather than just a rod assembler, Mike pointed out, "as anybody can assemble rods. "The difference being, Mike continued, "is that rod manufacturers understand just what it takes to put "the right" actions together for the anglers who use them. "We understand the basic fundamentals of how rod actions work and react to different situations, Mike informs, "as anglers understand the need for the right action for the right circumstance, and they "demand" this difference, which is why they are changing brands today as they are looking for a better quality fishing tool that doesn't break easily. "I mean, Mike stressed, "what good is a rod that breaks about every third time that you go fishing?!! "Falcon is known in the industry as the "tuffest" rod on the market, Mike points out, "which also has the finest action, best quality, and best value for the angler who demands total performance in their fishing equipment today.

"We now have a new "Lowrider Series", Mike informs, "which consists of a set of stronger, lighter, and smaller guides, which are placed on high module blancs to improve sensitivity, quickness, and better performance, while casting and setting the hook. "The Lowrider has now become so popular with the fishing public, Mike informed, "that our competition is trying to imitate it. "So, Mike enlightens, "we are now developing a "new" and "better" fishing rod which will be introduced into the fishing industry this Spring.

"We listen to the anglers who use our rods, explains Michalec, "as we strive to build the rods that they want. "Unlike other rod manufacturers who try to predict what the public wants, Mike further explains, "we always try to develop what they are actually wanting to use in their fishing. "Several of our top Pro's, Mike adds, "such as two time BassMaster "Angler of the Year", BassMaster "Classic" World Champion, Mark Davis, and FLW "Angler of the Year" Clark Wendlant, have used Falcon fishing rods to gain the edge they needed to advance to the top.

"We also make it easy for our dealers to buy our rods as we keep our prices within easy reach of our customers with prices ranging from $49.99 to $150, "however, our basic 6'-6' to 7'-0 rods are retailed at about $79 to $89. "We build five different series of rods which have over 200 different actions, Mike reviews, "as we make everything from farm pond crappie wands to grass n' bass rods, to offshore tuna poles.

"A three step quality control format helps to keep our rods at "high level" construction, Mike informs, "as our rods are tested and examined before they are packaged and shipped from our manufacturing plant in Harrison AR, and then tested and examined again as they are unpacked at our distributing warehouse in Broken Arrow OK, where they are then tagged and carefully re-packed into special containers before being shipped off to our dealers across the country "and"around the world.

"We, at Falcon, stressed Mike Michalec, who enjoys both saltwater and freshwater angling, "are ALL fishermen who compete and make a living within the fishing industry, as we don't play Golf, Mike grinned as he makes his final point, "but we do "FISH!"

For more info on Falcon fishing rods, "and" its newest rod to be introduced this Spring, call (918)-251-0020 -or- clic to-

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