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Toledo-Bend.Com is a non-profit web site promoting Toledo Bend Reservoir and the surrounding areas of Texas and Louisiana. The site originally started as a site to disseminate information for the Toledo Bend Bi-State Alliance, a group promoting the general well being of the lake and, currently, most involved in working with government agencies to keep the lake level high enough to allow recreational use of the lake year round. However, as the web site added new features and became more diverse, a separation was made from the Bi-State Alliance. The Bi-State Alliance now has their web site under the Toledo-Bend.Com domain, but it is a separate entity.

The Toledo-Bend.Com web site went on line October 1, 1998 and since then has had just over 600 visitors per month during its first two months of operation and over 1100 in the month of December. The site already has several awards and is listed with Yahoo and all of the other major internet search engines. The site is expected to consistently receive well over 1,500 visitors a month during the coming year who are interested in the Toledo Bend area. The site features information about Toledo Bend Lake, area weather forecast display and links, fishing reports, complete tournament schedules with links to the various tournament web sites, a listing of certified scales around the lake, and a listing of various accommodations / marinas for tourists and fishermen. Information about the Sabine National Forest and other parks and campgrounds in the area is also provided. To round out the web site there is a great deal of material on the history of the area and historic sites to visit as well as information on the various communities surrounding the lake. As far as we can tell, this is the only web site with such a comprehensive amount of information that promotes the Toledo Bend area as a whole.

The purpose of this web site is to provide current and complete information on the area for those who are interested in visiting the area. This is a benefit to the web site visitor who can get a lot of information in one centralized location as well as to the area as a whole which benefits from the attraction of fishermen and tourists to the area. In an effort to provide more complete information on the area than we already have, we would like to invite submissions of information at this time. If you have a marina or campsite, we will be happy to list basic information about your business without charge. If you have certified scales that fishermen can use for official weights and would like to be placed on our list, please send the information. We would also like to compile a list of area fishing guides and will be happy to list you if you submit your contact information. And if you are a guide who would like to do a fishing report on a regular basis, we will happily make the space for you - and you will probably generate some extra business from the extra exposure! We invite anyone, individual or group, who has an interest in promoting their community a bit more to the world at large and wishes to contribute relevant information about the area to do so and we will use all of it that we can. We also offer free web site space and site construction and maintenance for almost any non-profit organization that would like to have their organization's activities and purposes brought to the internet. In order to help defray the costs of the web site, we also accept inexpensive sponsorships by businesses who wish to place their web sites with us - and we do try to promote these to our visitors in an unobtrusive manner.

If you have a marina, campground, or are a guide please submit information about your business. It doesn't cost anything but a bit of your time and will help promote the area as a whole and your business will be represented to our visitors looking for businesses such as yours! If you are an individual who would just like to help by gathering and contributing information about your locality, by all means, contact us - we need help to make the best overall presentation of the area possible. Visit and contact us by email at or by snail mail at Toledo-Bend.Com, HC 52 Box 842, Hemphill, TX 75948

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