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5 bass / 23.55lbs. taps Rayburn Bass N Bucks
By Ed Snyder

Ed Snyder

Warm and sunny weather conditioned the bassing patterns of 314 teamed anglers as they launched into Lake Sam Rayburn. With light northeast winds calming the waters, the 157 teams were sure to find some good water to work their bassing patterns. And in keeping with St. Valentines Day, one team would find a real sweetheart of a honey hole as they managed to cull a 5 bass/23.55 lb. limit from a catch of at least 60 bass.

Even though Big Sam was quickly becoming Super Sam as the lake's normal acreage increased from 114,000 to over 148,000 because of the flooding conditions of 2 weeks ago, the bass anglers found plenty of bass, but slim to slimmer options for the bigger bass. But as always, there would be some anglers who could locate the kickers as a 6.59, 7.33, 7.84, and an 8.28 were weighed-in.

Bill Hudspeth explained how he and fishing partner, Brian Keith, used Winchester rods and Garcia reels spooled with 20# P-line. "We were working Carolina rigged Pradco & Zoom ghord green lizards along mid-lake clay points," Bill explained, as he told how they maneuvered their Skeeter/Yamaha bass boat around 17'-22' breaks for "clipping" the grass-clumps. "We must have caught at least 60 bass today," grinned the recent Pro/Am winner. He said that maybe 35 to 40 were keeper bass from an 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. prime bite, which they were able to cull their 5 bass/23.55 lb. $4,000 1st place winner's check from.

Charlie Bennefield informed of how he and team angler, Cade Leach, managed to catch their 5 bass/17.40 lb 2nd place slot from their Ranger/Yamaha boat. "We worked mid-lake secondary points with Allstar rods and Quantum reels spooled with 20# Mason line. We dragged sour-grape Zoom lizards along 10'-15' grass lines for catching an early daylight to 8:15 a.m. prime bite that put 25 bass in the boat." They culled their catch and came up with a second place win.

Fourteen year old, Jake Goodrum, was fishing a 12' roadbed edge up in Veach Basin with his dad, Jody, when his 2nd cast of the morning, with a Carolina rigged green/pumpkin Zoom lizard, nailed a 7:00 a.m. big bite of 7.84 lbs. The bass ended up being the 2nd largest of the tournament which paid Jake, and his dad, $888.

Leslie McGowan, told how he managed to land the overall big bass of the tournament from a 12' Needmore Point inside grass-line, as his 7:00 a.m. big bite put an 8. 28 lb "kicker" in the boat for a $1,480 check.

All Bass were live released via Bass-N-Bucks fish recovery crew with 545 Bass Weighing 1,214 lbs.

Next Bass-N-Bucks tournament event will be March 7, on Richland Chambers.
For more information on the Bass-N-Bucks, as well as the Texas Outdoor Adventure Series, contact Dave Concienne at 409-727-8941.

Top 5 Bass-N-Buck Team Winners

1 - Bill Hudspeth / Brian Keith 23.55 lbs. $4,000
2 - Charlie Bennefield / Cade Leach 17.40 lbs $2,430
3 - Jody Goodrum / Jake Goodrum 16.18 lbs. $2,818
4 - Lewis Clark / Tony Calhoun 15.90 lbs. $1,930
5 - Randy Michalec / Sonny Glasco 15.72 lbs. $1,430

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