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North Louisiana Team

With a full moon and 10 to 15 inches of rain in the 48 hours preceding the tournament, they were still able to catch over 20 weigh through out the day to end up with a five fish limit of 20.65 lbs. Martin Elshout and Mark Price both of Ruston Louisiana have been fishing team tournaments together for close to twenty years. While they don't win them all, you have to beat them to win. They were the runner-up in '96 & '97 for First. Place in the North Louisiana Region. Good job Guys.

In spite of the weather conditions at take off time, all 82 teams were ready to kick off the 1999 tournament season. There were a lot of concerns about what the current situation would do to their pattern, and would the practice be for naught. These feelings were justified; with the steady stream of cold muddy water filling the lake to above pool stage and rising throughout the day confirmed their worst fears. However as usual when you put a group of talented fishermen; such as this group, some one will crack the code. This is exactly what the top teams did in this tournament.

The difference in the top three team's weight and the rest of the field were big fish. 2nd place big bass of 5.70 lbs anchored Elshout and Prices' winning stringer. Second place string of 19.11 lbs went to Charlie King and Steve Procell, who's 5.64 lbs was good for 3rd. Place big bass, and Steve Mckinzie and partner David Toothman had the tournament lunker of 6.80 lbs in the third best string of 17.91 lbs.

The North Louisiana Division would like to say thanks to the staff of Huxley Bay Marina, who go out of their way to make your tournament a success.

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