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"Go for the Gold" tourny
By Ed Snyder

Trailering is allowed", announced Bob Sealy as he made the safety ruling due to gusting "northwesterlys" that put the 197,000 acre Toledo Bend Reservoir on rock and roll patterns. One hundered and eighty six teams signed up to fish the 1st tournament of the season for the $150,000 Sealy Outdoor "Team Splash" series which would pay a guarranteed $29,750 cash payout per event. As all teams were to mainly fish two events on Toledo Bend Lake, and two events on Lake Sam Rayburn, the top point qualifiers from the top team standings will then compete in a "split" lake championship that would
involve both lake systems.

"This would avoid any one team dominating the tournament circuit," stated Bob Sealy, as he explained his new bass tournament series format.

"They will have to fish both lakes to qualify for the championship, which will be held on Toledo Bend Lake, October 9th, and Lake Sam Rayburn, October 10th," Bob further informed. "We're paying out a guarranteed cash prize award of $29,750 for the top 25 places," Bob added, as he prepared to weigh-in his first tournament teamfor his 1999 "Go For The Gold" Open Team Splash season.

"With 5 bass alive", announced Bob Sealy, "weighing in at 22.63 lbs., your new leaders folks, Mike Wheatley and James Hewitt."

"We were fishing with a new Bossier City plastic bait," informed Mike Wheatley, of Keatchie LA, explaining how he and team partner, James Hewitt, of Devers TX, managed to find their bass up in a northlake area. "We ran our BassCat up-lake to fish 3' brush and Cypress with Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with Berkely BG-25# mono. We used a new black/blue/chartreuce "Eland" Fish tail to catch an all-day bite for 7 bass for culling to 5 bass/22.63 lb." The catch won them the $10,000 paycheck.

"With 5 bass/21.98 lbs.," Bob Sealy alerted the crowd, "your 2nd place finishers, Troy Tate and Richie Koonce."

"We ran our Triton bass boat to southlake secondary points," Troy Tate told. He informed of fishing Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20# Triple Fish & P-Line for working carolina rigged watermelon-seed Zoom lizards along scattered grass patches.

"We probably caught 15 bass today," added team partner, Richie Koonce, as he spoke of catching an early bite for a good limit of 5 bass/21.98 lbs. that put a 2nd place check for $5,000 in their tackle-pack.

Overall tournament big bass (8.77) Jake Goodrum/Jody Goodrum-$1,000
2nd big bass (6.96)-David Ozio/Mike
3rd big bass(6.82)-Troy Tate/Richie Koonce-$500
The tournament paid-out $29,750 cash to the top 25 places and top 3 big bass.

"My goodness," announced Bob Sealy. "Look at what this 14 year old angler "done went" and caught folks, as he helped Jake Goodrum hold up his 8.77 lb. "kicker." "And with 4 more bass to go with it," Bob continued, they have a 3rd place catch of 5 bass/20.44 lbs.

"Indian Mounds," answered Jake Goodrum, as he helped his dad, Jody, hold up the 5 bass/20.44 lbs. that would nail the 3rd place check of $2,500 for some "going home" cash. The father and son duo managed to run their Skeeter/Mercury over shallow grass as they worked Allstar rods and Garcia reels spooled with Berkley 20# mono. "We used 3/8 oz. black/blue "Intensive" jigs with Lake Fork pork chunks." Jake informed, adding that they also used shad patterned Bomber Fat A's in the same area for catching at least 3 limits of bass. "My big bass of 8.77 lbs. hit a Bomber Fat "A" grinned Jake Goodrum."

All Bass were live released by the Shimano/SRA-LA Fish Recovery Krewe with all bass being successfully released.

Next "Team Splash" event will be held on April 11th, at Twin Dikes Marina on Lake Sam Rayburn TX. For more information on this, as well as other Sealy Outdoor events, contact 409-698-2591 -or- clic to: <> -or- <>

James Hewitt/Mike Wheatley 22.63 lbs $10,000
Richie Koonce/Troy Tate 21.98 lbs $5,000
Jake Goodrum/Jody Goodrum 20.44 lbs $2,500
Jimmy Jeansonne/Bab Larew 19.52 lbs $1,500
Slade Dearman/Jeff Kriet 19.15 lbs $1,000

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