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Army/Navy Team Wins Armed Forces Tournament On Rayburn
By Ed Snyder/Lakecaster

"When the wind changed from north to south, "Whamo", there they were, facing into the wind and stacked up like cordwood, stated the team that had just weighed-in a 10.91 lb sack of bass, which gave them the first place win for the "9th Annual Armed Forces Bass Tournament" for their 3day total catch of 37.85 lbs. The Retired Navy and Active duty Army fishing team had decided to change tactics for there 3rd, and final day of competition, which put them on a late bite pattern for catching their first place winning bass catch.

With "full blown" bluebirds causing brisk north winds and high pressure fishing conditions, the 85 teamed military anglers would finish up their three days of competition on "lite" bites and sparse bass action, as most anglers returned with short bags and long stories. But a few of the teams, who managed to "hang tuff" and make the changes necessary to catch their limits, would reap the benefits for having the endurance quality of sticking it out.

"Patience, answered Stacy Twiggs, as he explained how they managed to catch the bass for winning the tournament. "We completely changed our tactics for today, Stacy continued to inform as he told of running their Team Triton bass rig to the Deer Stand area early. "But we didn't put our first bass in the boat til 11:30, interjected team partner, Randy Sitz, adding that they worked Erhardt rods and Shimano reels spooled with Berkely BG-20# mono, as they flipped 1'-5' buckbrush with blue Lunker City sluggo's. "We then moved out to the Deerstand Hump area, informed Stacy Twiggs, as he spoke of finding some bass holding on 10' break that sloped down to 20', "we quickly changed to carolina rigged pumpkin-seed/charteuce centipede's and baby bass & shad patterned Team Diawa cranks. "Then, as soon as the wind shifted from north to south, explained Sitz, the bass turned into the wind and stacked up like cordwood. "Man, we musta' caught 15 bass right off of that spot, Stacy Twiggs stressed, adding that they found their black bass mixed in with kentucky bass, and had the time of it with trying to weed out their limit of black bass that would weigh-in at 10.91 lbs. The Army/Navy team managed to put 14.79 lbs, 12.15 lbs, and 10.91 lbs on the scale for their three day total of 37.85 lbs, and the "braggin' rights" to the 1st place win for the Armed Forces Tournament.

"Flippin' bushes, answered Keith Keele, as he informed that they kept to their pattern of running their Champion/Mercury bass rig along northlake banks, "we used Castaway rods and Quantum/Daiwa reels spooled with Berkely BG-25# mono, Keith further added. "Hawg Hustler jigs with Zoom & Larew craws produced our bass for us, included team partner, Arron Kenderdine, adding that watermelon wacky worms also helped to put the bigger fish in the live-well. The Navy SeaBee and Air Force team managed to catch a three day total of 34.76 lbs for a 2nd place finish at the Armed Forces Tournament.

Third day big bass came in with Ed Watson and Randy Rose as they managed to catch a 4.82 lb bass on a white Xcaliber spinner bait from a 5' Rayburn Cove buckbrush patch.

Third day 2nd big bass came in from a 2' rip-rap area of the Hwy 255 causeway, as Gary Wilson and Steve Carey boated a 4.46 lb bass on a carolina rigged green/pumpkin 6" Gator Tail.

1-Sitz-(Army)-Twiggs-(Retired Navy)-----------------(37.85 lbs)-
2-Kenderdine-(Air Force)-Keele-(Navy SeaBee)----(34.76 lbs)-
3-Nemecek-(Air Force)-Graham-(Air Force)----------(32.35 lbs)-
4-Morris-(Air Force)-Chapin-(Air Force)--------------(29.15 lbs)-
5-Wilson-(Army)-Carey-(Army)-------------------------(27.66 lbs)

Tournament "Overall" Big Bass-(9.05 lbs)-Glen Perrault-(Retired U.S.M.C.)-\b

All Bass were live released by the U.S. Air Force Fish Recovery team.
(Day one total catch)-247 bass weighing 485 lbs-
(Day two total catch)-166 bass weighing 334 lbs-
(Day three total catch)-148 bass weighing 281 lbs-
(Total Bass catch of tournament)-561 bass weighing 1,101 lbs-

For more information on the U.S.Armed Forces Tournament Trail, contact Jerry Montgomery at (402)-294-2108 -or- e-mail to <> .

U.S. Armed Forces Bases represented; (Ramstein AFB, Germany), -(Kessler AFB, MO), -(Little Rock AFB, AR), -(Ellsworth AFB, SD), -(Lackland AFB, TX), -(Barksdale AFB, LA), -(Redstone Arsenal, AL), -(Tinker AFB, OK), -(Warner Roberts AFB, GA), -(McConnell AFB, KS), -(Randolf AFB, TX), -(Offutt AFB, NE), -(Whiteman AFB, MI), -(Fort Leonard Wood, MO), -(NAS Pensacola FL), -(Eglin AFB, FL), -(Marine Corps Detachment, Fort Leonard Wood, MO), -(Robins AFB, GA), -(Dover AFB, DE), -(F.E. Warren AFB), -(Hurlburt Field, FL), -(Scott AFB, IL), -(Dyess AFB, TX), -(FT Belvoir, VA), -(Vance AFB, OK), -(5th U.S. Army, TX), -(Columbus AFB, MO), -(Luke AFB, AZ), -(Wright Patterson AFB, OH), -(FT Jackson, SC), -(Langley AFB, VA), -(Kelly AFB, TX), -(FT Polk, LA), -(Altos AFB, OK), -(Seymour Johnson AFB, NC), -(Sheppard AFB, TX), -(Shaw AFB, SC), -(Spangdahlem AFB, Germany), -(Thurmont NSF, MD), -(Brooks AFB, TX), -(Ft Hood, TX).

(Editors Note; This was one of the best run and operated tournaments that I have seen for this type of event and must salute the U.S. Air Force Tournament Crew for "A Job Well Done".)

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