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5 Bass/17.73 Lbs Takes "Totally Awesome" On Sam Rayburn
By Ed Snyder/Lakecaster

Dr. Bill Shelton's "Totally Awesome" Fishing Adventure
Saturday, March 26, 1999, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

With 158 anglers fishing the Dr. Bill Shelton's "Totaly Awesome" '99 Fishing Adventure, the Arthur Temple, Sr. Regional Cancer Center would benefit from the over $20,000 raised to support its Cancer Research programs. "We've managed to raise over $130,000 for the Cancer Research funds from these tournaments, praised Dr. Bill Shelton, as he thanked the anglers, the sponsors, and the supportive public for all of their great help these past 6 years. And as the applauds began to wane, Dr. Bill Shelton introduced the top team leaders and big bass winners.

Top 10 "Totaly Awesome Anglers"-
1-Rusty Clark/Shelby Shaw---------------(17.73 lbs-$1,896.00
2-Charles Diviney/Billy Eddins-----------(16.88 lbs-$1,185.00
3-Scott David/Gene Swann----------------(15.26 lbs-$948.00
4-David Mclauchlin/Tiffany Aikin-------(14.50 lbs-$671.00
5-Butch Hollis/B.J.Woods-----------------(13.76 lbs-$632.00
6-Mark Collins/Lance Hughes------------(13.58 lbs-$592.00
7-Shayne Dickerson/Jeremy Dickerson-(12.81 lbs-$553.00
8-David Morton/Robert Loving----------(12.51 lbs-$513.00
9-Rodney Pate/Larry Lindsey-------------(12.13 lbs-$474.00
10-Rodney Dotson/Donald Vannoy-----(11.28 lbs-$434.00

Top 3 "Totaly Awesome" Big Bass-
1st-Butch Hollis/B.J.Woods-(6.38 lbs)-$790.00
2nd-Rusty Clark/Shelby Shaw-(6.25 lbs)-$474.00
3rd-Charles Diviney/Billy Eddins-(4.98 lbs)-$316.00

"We fished inside grasslines, stated Rusty Clark, as he told of how he, and Shelby Shaw, managed to win the "Totaly Awesome" with a 5 bass/17.73 lb catch. "We worked Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with Berkely BG-15# mono, Rusty further informed as he informed of fishing mid-lake mainlake points with carolina rigged watermelon/chartreuce lizards, catching at least 4 limits as they dragged 10'-14' depths for a 6:30 a:m: to 1:30 p:m: bite that would cost them 2 "real-good fish" that managed to pull off, but still put enough in the well for "winning".

"Buckbay humps in 10' water, explained Billy Eddins and Charles Diviney, as they informed of how they put the 2nd place weight of 16.88 lbs in the boat. "We mainly fished scattered grass-clumps with chartreuce Zoom trick-worms, stated Eddins, as he spoke of working Allstar/Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with Berkely BG-15# mono, adding that they must have caught 30 small throw-backs early before they finally boated their limit from an all-day "slow" bite after 9:am.

"Stanley 1/4 oz black/red jigs, informed Gene "Fang" Swann, as he explained how he, and team partner, Scott David, managed to work Allstar rods and Ambassaduer reels spooled with Tuff-80 & 20# P-Line while fishing 2'-3' Needmore buckbrush patches. "Bubble gum Larew craws seemed to be the key factor for catching our 15.26 lb 3rd place stringer, grinned "Fang" as he headed back to Onalaska, TX.

"Mr. Blitz 1/8 oz pumpkin jigs, stated Butch Hollis as he informed of how he boated the "Overall" Big Bass of the tournament, "It hit while I was fishing a 4' buckbrush patch up in Coleman Creek, Butch explained, adding that the 6.38 lb "kicker" helped to put them in 5th place.

All Bass were live released by the Rayburn Angerettes with 137 bass weighing 323 lbs.

The "Totally Awesome" tournament paid out $7,900 in stringer awards and big bass payouts.

For more information on this tournament which benefits the Arthur Temple, Sr, Regional Cancer Center contact Rebecca Chance at (409)-639-7163-

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