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Brush "Tic" Pattern Takes Toledo Redman
By Ed Snyder/Lakecaster

"With two hundred and six anglers registered to fish Toledo Bend's Cowboy Division of the Red Man Bass Tournament Circuit, it was almost "gar-anteed" that good bass catches were to be caught, weighed, and tallied at the Cypress Bend Park facillity located amid-ships of Big T's 97 mile long waterway on Louisiana's scenic shoreline. And as the 3:pm weigh-in deadline began its collective process, the Red Man Tournament crew would handle 562 bass weighing 1,203 lbs, which were immediately retrieved by the Shimano/SRA-LA fish recovery Krewe and released back into Toledo Bend Lake.

Although Toledo's catches didn't reach the predicted levels of most guess-timates, the tournament did provide an abundance of stories that needed to be told as the anglers were put through the gamut of "extreme" weather changes, as pre-front launch turned into post-front conditions before noon, then quickly switched back to pre-front conditions again as another front began working its way south. A "tuff" situation in anyones book of bassin' tactics. "But, there are always "the few" who manage to figure out the right pattern for putting some bass in their wells and some big-bucks in their tackle-packs.

"I managed to catch 25 bass today, stated Larry Coleman of Jasper TX, "and all but 6 of them were keepers, he informed, further adding that he manuevered his Ranger/Mercury around 12' mid-lake grass-edges, which had sloping drop-offs of from 10' to 18'. "The hydrilla had some patches of scattered brush within it, Larry told, as he explained how he worked his Allstar rods and Garcia reels spooled with Berkley BG-15# mono. "I fished carolina rigged Watermelon/chartruece Zoom lizards within those patches of brush, Larry stated, adding that he would "Tic" the brush as he worked it through in order to get his bites. "They hit pretty good early, he stated, as he told of catching his limit by 7:40 a:m:. "Then, Larry further informed, they just quit biting when the front began to work its way through at 10:am, "and didn't start back up til after it finally blew through by about noon. "But, Larry included, "when they started back on their bite I managed to catch 15 more bass, loosing two really nice ones, Larry gritted, "but grinned when he stated that,"I was still able to put some good ones in the boat for my weigh-in though. Larry Coleman managed to put a 5 bass/16 lb-12 oz catch on the scale for his 1st place Red Man win.

"Stanley "Tuba-Tubes", answered John Hale of Lufkin TX. As the National Bass/Pro began to tell of his method of catching the 2nd place position with his 5 bass/16 lb-9 oz weigh-in, "all" tournament talk seemed to cease, as John Hale was well known to the anglers as a designer/inventor/consultant, for Stanley Jigs Inc. "I mainly worked the Bison area creek areas, John began to tell, adding that he concentrated on the drains with Stanley's new Tuba Tube jigs, using the watermelon/chartreuce "tipped" tubes. "Its virtually impossible to snag up with these baits, John informed, as he explained how he worked them from his BassCat/Mercury while fishing with Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 65# Power-Pro braid. "Thank God I was spooled up with the Power-Pro braid, John Hale emphasized, as he told of fishing some really "tuff" spots that would've snapped any lesser line. "I managed to put my bass in the boat from between 10:am to Noon, informed John. "And when John Hale stopped talking, "the tournament angler noise of "bass-talk" quickly regained its normal levels.

"San Miquel, stated Bill Hudspeth of Kilgore TX, as he informed of where he managed to catch the tournament "overall" big bass of 6 lbs-7 ozs. "It hit at 1:pm, Bill added, further stating that he was working a Loomis "Winchester" rod and Garcia reel spooled with 20# P-line while fishing a carolina rigged black/sapphire Zoom lizard along some 5' brush when it hit.

TOP 5 Red Man Cowboy Division anglers;
1-Larry Coleman-Jasper, TX.----------(16 lbs-12 ozs)-$3,209.00
2-John R. Hale-Lufkin, TX.-------------(16 lbs-09 ozs)-$1,604.00
3-Jason Raybourn-Columbia, MS-------(15 lbs-06 ozs)-$942.00
4-Michael Metcalf-Hemphill, TX.-------(14 lbs-10 ozs)-$603.00
5-Mark Couch-Houston, TX.------------(14 lbs-07 ozs)-$572.00

"Overall" Tournament Big Bass-(6 lbs-7 ozs)-Bill Hudspeth-Kilgore, TX.-$1,000.00

All bass were live released by the Shimano/SRA-LA Fish Recovery Krewe with 562 bass weighing 1,203 lbs.

For more information on this, as well as other Operation Bass Tournaments, contact (502)-362-4880.

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