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10 bass/39.62 lbs Claims TOBI "Braggin' Rights"
By Ed Snyder


Texas Oilman Bass Invitational
Dodging the weather bullet for their first day of competition, the 560 "Oilpatch" teams would launch into changing patterns for their 2nd, and final day of competition. And with Lake Toledo Bend providing 197,000 acres of bass-water to chose from, as well as 1200 miles of shorelined bass structure to fish on, it could very well be like looking for the "proverbial" needle in the haystack, to be able to catch "the" winning pattern for landing the overall "braggin' rights" of the Texas Oilman tournament. And as the final bass bag was shuttled through the weigh-in process, the special "Oilpatch" weigh-in Krewe's were to tally-up a final two day bass catch weighing 7,752 lbs. Among those bass which were checked, weighed, tallied, and shuttled to the waiting fish recovery barges, by Scout Troop 80 of Many LA, were the 5 bass/16.89 lb catch of team#210, as they managed to thread that "pro-verbial" needle with a two day final of 10 bass/39.62 lbs, which was also anchored by an 8.89 lb "kicker" that would hold as the "overall" Big Bass of the tournament..

"We fished a completely different pattern today, informed Huey Boudloche of R & B Falcon, as he explained how he, and team partner, Paul Raborn of Mobil Oil (Retired), managed to cull up their impressive win. "We maneuverd our Champion/Mercury rig over Converse area 4' flats, Huey stated, adding that they worked 1/2 oz green/black Stanley jigs with clear/blue John Hale Craws. "Our bite was pretty slow today, explained Paul Raborn, as he told of working hard to catch the 5 bass that they needed for a limit, adding that Huey found the "needle"on a 2:pm bite which filled their limit with an 8.89 bass that would hold for the 2nd day big bass, as well as the "overall" big bass of the tournament. Team #210 managed to win their "braggin' rights" with a 4.13 lb spread above 2nd place for a total payout of $3,000 for their weekend efforts which would also pay them another $1,000 for 2nd day big bass.

"Bank areas "early" with carolina rigged Brush Hogs and mid-lake area's "later" with chrome Rattle Traps, explained Bill Quirk of Transco, as he informed how he, and team#497 partner, Mitchell J. Martin of Transcontinental, managed to work their Stratos/Evinrude within Converse area coves as they fished with Allstar/Castaway rods and Garcia/Shimano reels spooled with Berkely BG-15# mono. "We fished for our early bites with watermelon Brush Hogs and chartreuce/white spinner baits along the cove-banks, Bill informed, further explaining that they would move out to mid-lake structure by noon for cranking chrome/blue Rattle Traps. Team#497 managed to catch 15 bass for culling their 1st day weight and 14 bass for their 2nd day finish of 10 bass/38.49 lbs for landing the 2nd place "Overall" position at the Texas Oilman's.

"Get the net", were my first words, grinned Perry Guidry of Baker Hughes Services Inteq, as he explained what happened when an 8:am bite on a TX rigged Zoom kudzu lizard put an 8.73 lb "kicker" in their boat. "I was mighty glad that my team partner, Dennis Romero of Unocal, was an Engineer, stated Guidry, "as he was able to figure out how to put that "8 lb bass in a 4 lb net". Team #78 managed to work Castaway rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with Berkley BG-20# mono, where they fished 2'-3' Bison outside brush over patches of Johnson grass to catch their 2nd day, 2nd place big bass for an $800 check.

Top 10 "Overall" Texas "Oilpatch" teams;
1- team#-(210)-Huey Boudloche/Paul Raborn-(10 bass/39.62 lbs)-$3,000
2- team#-(497)-Mitchell J. Martin/Bill Quirk-(10 bass/38.49 lbs)-$2,700
3- team#-(111)-Carroll Melancon/Gerald Boquet-(10 bass/35.42 lbs)-$2,100
4- team#-(381)-Mike O'Brien/Harris Allemand-(10 bass/34.54 lbs)-$1,950
5- team#-(156)-Gavin Quartana/Andie Amedee-(10 bass/34.54 lbs)-$1,800
6- team#-(222)-Lonnie Gray/Slate Hebert-(10 bass/33.99 lbs)-$1,650
7- team#-(14)-Bob Simmons/Jason T. Simmons-(10 bass/33.75 lbs)-$1,500
8- team#-(90)-Micheal B. Phill/Clyde McAfee-(10 bass/33.15 lbs)-$1,350
9- team#-(503)-Richard Porter/Howard Kemp-(10 bass/33.12 lbs)-$1,200
10 team#-(301)-Billy St. Claire/Malcolm St. Claire-(10 bass/32.86 lbs)-$1,050

Tournament "Overall" big bass (8.89 lbs)- came in with team#-(210)-Huey Boudloche/Paul Raborn- for a $1,000 check.
Tournament 2nd big bass(8.73 lbs)- came in with team#-(78)-Perry Guidry/Dennis Romero-for an $800 check.

Benefitting the funding needs for The Texas Children's Hospital, the Texas Oilman Bass organization managed to raise $20,000 for the children's 1999 needs, giving a total of $131,000 to the Charity from the past 9 years of tournament operations.

All Bass were live released by the Shimano/SRA-LA and the Jimmy Lasseigne fish recovery Krewe's.
1st day catch-1,854 bass weighing 4,280 lbs-
2nd day catch-1,454 bass weighing 3,475 lbs-
For a two day total of 3,279 bass weighing 7,752 lbs

The 9th Annual Texas Oilman Invitational would payout $107,500 in cash & prize awards which would include a fully rigged Skeeter/Yamaha ZX-185 bass boat valued at $24,000 and a Skeeter 15/25 Yamaha valued at $6,000 for "Luck-O-The Draw" prizes.

Sketter/Yamaha Bass Boat draw- winner-( David Theroit )

For more information on this, as well as other Oilmen Bass Tournament events contact John P. Alexander at (281)-391-3736 -or- clic to-<>

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