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5 Bass/18.81 LbsTakes $10,000 Nugget At Rayburn's "Go For The Gold" Tourny
By Ed Snyder/Lakecaster

"Slow-rolled spinner baits and deep diving cranks put us on the winning pattern, explained the team anglers who had just weighed-in a 5 bass/18.81 lb catch, of which one of their bass would fill the scales with 9.75 lbs of digitals. One hundered and fifty eight teams launched into Sealy Outdoors 2nd "Team Splash" event for 1999, as Lake Sam Rayburn went under the gun of a ripple front which put the bass under northerly blue birds. But as the final bass were collected at Twin Dikes Marina, the Sealy Outdoors weigh-in crew would tally up 65 limits of bass weighing 1,018 lbs.

With "Big Sam" under the gun with several big tournaments being held during this weekend of April 10, 11, the Sealy Outdoors "Go For The Gold" tourny was expected to have at least one 17 lb sack weighed-in, but it wasn't until Wesley Dawson and Phillip Hebert "struggled" up with their 5 bass limit that the leading stringer would trip-over the 14 lb mark.

"Skeeter/Yamaha helped to get us there, stated Dawson Marine owner/operator, Wesley Dawson, as he re-capped his, and team partner, Phillip Hebert's, winning pattern for catching the #1 spot. "We managed to work Shimano rods and Shimano reels spooled with 12# P-line, Wesley informed, adding that they slow-rolled 1/4 oz Mr. Blitz chartreuse/white spinner baits and cranked shad patterned DD-22's along inside/outside 10'-12' mid-lake grasslines. "We also worked carolina rigged Zoom ghord/green lizards, "but", Wesley added, "the DD-22's produced the bigger bass for us. The Beaumont TX, Dawson Marine team managed to catch 25 bass for culling their 5 bass/18.81 lb $10,000 1st place check from, as well as Wesley catching a 9.75 lb "kicker" from a 9:am DD-22 bite that would put another $1,000 in his "take-home" packet.

"I fished a post spawn pattern today, explained Bass/Pro, Slade Dearman, as he explained how he (fishing by himself) managed to work his Triton/Johnson bass-rig along north-lake 13'-16' ditches, as he fished Browning Crankin' Sticks and Lew's reels spooled with 12# Stren. "I mainly worked Strike King #6 series crank-baits and carolina rigged Zoom green/pumpkin lizards, Slade informed. "I was really hoping for some wind today, stated Dearman, which would've put them on top of the grass, "but, he further added, the light north breeze kept them buried in the grass instead, making them harder to catch. Dearman managed to get 5 bites for a 5 bass/14.69 lb catch for a $5,000 payday.

"Topwaters, explained Loomis Pro-Staff anglers, Arch Hester and Tommie Payne, as they extended my info-notes with the knowledge that they ran their Champion/Mercury bass-rig up Ayish Bayou to fish Loomis rods and Garcia reels spooled with 15-20# Berkely Big Game mono. "We worked gold/orange Roques and 3/8 oz watermelon Oldham jigs with Zoom watermelon/chartreuce "Super-Chunks", they further added, explaining that they fished 3'-11' points and ridges to catch a 5 bass/14.68 lb weight for a $2,500 check.

Top 5 Teams;
1-Wesley Dawson/Phillip Hebert-----------------5 bass/18.81 lbs-$10,000
2-Slade Dearman/Jeff Kriet-------------------------5 bass/14.69 lbs-$5,000
3-Arch Hester/Tommie Payne---------------------5 bass/14.68 lbs-$2,500
4-Rusty Clark/Shelby Shaw------------------------5 bass/13.93 lbs-$1,250
5-William Cook/John Hale--------------------------5 bass/13.93 lbs-$1,250

Overall tournament big bass-(9.75)-Wesley Dawson/Phillip Hebert-$1,000

All bass were live released at Twin Dikes Marina with 467 bass weighing 1,018 lbs.

This tournament paid out $29,750 in cash awards for the top 25 positions which included the top 3 big bass slots-

Next "Team Splash" event will be held on June 13, 1999, at Cypress Bend Resort on Lake Toledo Bend, LA. For more information on this, as well as other Sealy Outdoor events, contact (409)-698-2591 -or- clic to- <> -or- <>

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