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Mike & Kelley Gaubatz Take C.A.S.T. Tourny at Toledo Bend
by CAST SE Region Directors


Fishing on East Texas Lakes in the spring can be as fickle as the Texas weather. Timing is everything, if only we could pick when to have the weekends. Mother nature always seems to keep us gussing here in the Lone Star State. But the couple of Mike & Kelley Gaubatz of Huntsville TX, used their sponsors product, Terminator Spinnerbaits, to catch a limit of T-Bend Bass to land them top honors. Their creel of 14.36 lbs. was anchored by a 4.33 lb. bass that also gave them Big Bass honors. Gaubatz also said his win was only possible because his new Ranger Boat let them get to their fish on T-Bend's rough water. Mark & Cindy Jenkins of Lufkin TX, took second place with a weight of 13.33 lbs. Mark said they used the wind and Rattle Traps to their advantage and took home their second check in as many tournaments. Third place for the second tournament in a row was the couple of Dan & Karen Nichole of Conroe TX, their five fish weigh in at 13.18 lb. and they had second place Big Bass with a 4.15 lb. bass. Fourth place, Neil & Rebecca Herline of Silsbee TX, 12.00 lbs. Fifth place, Robert & Yoli Narron of Houston TX, 11.22 lbs.

For information about the CAST Southeast Couples Trail call Mike or
Kelly Gaubatz (409)-291-0662.

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