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Editors Notepad
By Ed Snyder

The early morning hours of Saturday, May 8th, will be filled with the squeels, shrieks, and laughter of hundereds of children,as Paul Hinton's,1999 East Texas "Get Hooked On Fishing,"Not Drugs" Crusade, will go into its final phase with the "Family & Friends Day" being held at Shirley Creek Marina, On Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

Now in its twelth year of operations, Paul Hinton, and his volunteer's, have helped to educate the children of East Texas with "the message" that their is a better lifestyle alternative to the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse."To date, there have been over 8,200 youngsters who've recieved this message as well as over $235,000 donated fishing tackle related products which were donated by the fishing industry. The final phase of fishing activities with the youngsters, and accompaning guardians, follows a week long crusade by teams of local, and visiting celebrities, who attend the East Texas School Districts to incorporate and encourage active youth involvement in the program by writing essay's and drawing "Get Hooked On Fishing, "Not Drugs" posters, which will then be displayed throughout the East Texas area. Over 150 clean role model celebrities have now involved themselves into this important program which will teach and inform our youth about the alternative lifestyles away from drugs, alcohol, and gangs.

For more information on the VIP speaker days of May 7th, the Pre-Fishing "Rally" for the evening hours of May 7th, and the final phase of "Fishing Family & Friends Day", contact "Get Hooked" headquarters at Shirley Creek Marina by calling (409)-854-2233 -or- clic to <>

(A letter from the Office of Governor of Texas)-
Welcome to the 12th Annual "Get Hooked On Fishing-"Not Drugs" Crusade. This May's event will provide a wonderful opportunity for students and their families to be spending time together, learning about preventing drug abuse and maybe catching a trophy bass, or two.

Parents, schools, churches, public and private institutions, businesses,hospitals, and government agencies, and especially young people themselves, must work together to combat illegal substance use in Texas. "I commend the members of East Texas Get Hooked on Fishing for their commitment to the youth of Texas, and for their on-going campaign against drug abuse.

"I also commend the Grand Prize winners of this years essay and poster contests for their stand against drugs By setting a good example for others to follow, you young Texans help your friends make a healthy choice of rejecting drugs and alcohol.

"I hope you all continue your interest in fishing after today, because fishing is a great way to get out and enjoy nature. Its one of my favorite hobbies and I hope you have fun.

"Best Wishes for a fun and successful event"
George W. Bush

Texas Share-a-lunker Update-(13 lbs or better)-(1-888-784-0600)
With lunker bass season now within the apex of its Prime-Time, the following Bass catches have been donated and recovered by TP & W.

(Up-dated Feb, 23, 1999)(Lunker update reports-1-888-784-0600)
1-(11/24/98)-Bob Lastinger,of Yantis TX-Lake Fork-(13.41 lbs)
2-(1/15/99)-Curtis Newman, of League City TX-Lake Conroe-(13.56 lbs)
3-(1/27/99)-Randy Speight, of Cumby TX.-Lake Fork-(13.24 lbs)
4-(1/28/99)-Toby Edwards, of Oralnd CA.-Lake Fork-(14.02 lbs)
5-(2/6/99)-Bill Wedelich, of Conroe TX.-Lake Conroe-(13.81 lbs)
6- (2/28/99)- Flo O'Brain, of Ft. Worth, TX. -Lake Fork-(16.63 lbs)-Largest bass caught by a woman angler in Texas.
7- (3/4/99)- Jason Walker, of (N/A)- Lake Nacogdoches- (13.64 lbs)-
8- (3/5/99)- Robert Monroe, of Fairfax, S.D. - Lake Fork- (13.31 lbs)-
9- (3/7/99)- Darrell Proffit, of Jasper, TX. - Richland Chambers Reservoir- (13.89 lbs)-
10- (3/17/99)- Derek Wedding, of Kilgore, TX. -Lake Fork- (13.22 lbs)-
11-(3/20/99)- David Burns, of Liberal, KS. - Baylor Lake- (13.31 lbs)-
12-(4/4/99-Terry Garner, (N/A)-Cooper Lake-(15.17 lbs)-
13-(4/6/99)-Jim Bryan, of Mineola, TX.-(X)-(13.58 lbs)-Lake Fork
14-(4/7/99)-Doug Moore, of Richardson, TX.-(13.38 lbs)-Lake Fork

Louisiana Lunker Bass Update-(13 lbs or better)-(1-800-442-2511)
As of this print there haven't been any entries in the 1999 lunker program.

Lake Toledo Bend Lunker Bass Program-(10 lbs or better)-(318-256-4114)
1-(3/1/99)- Bob McKeithen- (12 lbs-7 ozs)-
2-(3/6/99)- Dennis Atwood- (10 lbs-3 ozs)-
3-(3/17/99)- Frank Glover- (11 Lbs-2 ozs)-

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