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10 bass / 37.68 lbs. takes Southeast Oilman's


Pre-Summer wind shifts and bright sunny skies greeted the 488 teamed "Oilpatch" anglers as they launched into Toledo Bend waters to compete in the '99 Southeast Texas Oilman's Bass Classic being held out of Frontier Park Marina. And with first day bassin' "ruffed-up" with gusting southeast winds, those teams who opted for main lake patterns found "tuff" conditions, while those who headed for creeks and slough areas were to find much friendlier waters.

"We stuck to our two day plan, explained Brian Fendley of Baker Oil Tools, as he informed of how he, and team partner, Ken Burgess of Mariner Inc; managed to run their Skeeter/Mercury up to the Bison area. "We used Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with Berkely 20# Big Game mono, Brian began to review as he told of how they caught at least 25 bass the first day while fishing Carolina rigged watermelon/red Zoom lizards within 3'-6' pepper grass and wooded hydrilla to catch and cull 3 limits by 10 AM for a 5 bass/16.13 lb. weight for 6th position. "We knew that we had to bust butt for at least 20 lbs., or better, to make the top cut, Brian advised, adding that they returned to the Bison area on day two to try and find the big bite. "Our Carolina pattern managed to put two 5-6 lb class bass in the well by 7:30 AM:, stated Brian, explaining that they had to work them much slower in order to entice the bigger fish to bite.

"Although the fishing was slower on our 2nd day, Brian informed, "we still managed to cull three limits by 1 PM when we had to pull-out for our weigh-in deadline. The "Oilpatch" team of Brian Fendley and Ken Burgess managed to put 5 bass/21.55 lb on their 2nd day tally which gave them a 2 day total of 10 bass/37.68 lbs for the 1st place "braggin'-rights" to the 1999 Southeast Texas Oilman's Bass Classic.

Tournament "overall" Big Bass-(8.92 lbs.)-Donnie Martin/Larry Fogg

Tournament 2nd big bass-(7.84 lbs.)-Donnie Watson/Larry Norton
All bass were live released by the Shimano/SRA-LA Fish Recovery Krewe with 2,120 bass weighing 4,507 lbs.

1 - Ken Burgess / Brian Fendley (10 bass / 37.68 lbs.)
2 - Ned Goodeaux / Clint Goodeaux (10 bass / 33.80 lbs.)
3 - Randy Draper / Paul Wilson (10 bass / 32.27 lbs.)
4 - Earl Kimble / Bill Woods (10 bass / 32.11 lbs.)
5 - Gerald Golden / Bill Morgan (10 bass / 31.99 lbs.)
6 - Robert Sellers / Scott McFarlain (10 bass / 31.88 lbs.)
7 - Earl Harrington / Roy Phillips (10 bass / 31.20 lbs.)
8 - Barry Roger / Tommy Trotte (10 bass / 30.11 lbs.)
9 - Jerry Sisco / Butch Covington (10 bass / 29.94 lbs.)
10 - Darin Ledet / Rushe Aucoin (10 bass / 29.39 lbs.)


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