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Toledo Gives Up Low Weights For Big Bucks
By Ed Snyder

Bass-N-Bucks East Texas Team Circuit
April 18, 1999, Cypress Bend Resort, Lake Toledo Bend, LA.
We believe our bait made the difference, explained the team anglers who had just weighed-in a 5 bass/16.38 lb catch that would fetch them a $4,000 payday, "because, they continued, we must've had 5 or 6 boats fishing all around us who only managed to catch a couple of bass while we just flat loaded up on them from the time we got there until the wind started blowing at 1:pm.

One hundered and twenty five teams launched out of Cypress Bend Resort to fish the Bass-N-Bucks East Texas Team Circuit as they were greeted with coolish but realitively calm wind conditions, as compared to the previous days of strong and gusting northwest winds. Although the anglers would be fishing calm waters for most of the day, they were to find a "tuff" bass bite as high pressure "blue-birds" still maintained a strong influence on the bass-i-tudes. And as the 3:pm weigh-in deadline began to collect their days tally, it quickly became obvious that the weights were to be "very much" on the low side.

"Five bass/sixteen-point-three/eight lbs, announced Tournament Director, David Concienne, as he read the digital marks for Ricky Potts and Terry Burghart. "You guys are now in first place, David informed the duo, as they replied with a quick chuckle, "Nah, that ain't gonna' happen as that weight shouldn't hold for much longer !?

But as the ballance of the 125 teams filed their catches across the stage, and after only one bag threatened their hold on first place position did a "very much surprised" Ricky Potts and Terry Burghart suddenly find themselves holding the 1st place check of $4,000 for their "Nah, ain't gonna' happen" catch.

"Coulda' knocked me over, stated Ricky, as he began to inform about their winning pattern. "We ran our Skeeter/Yamaha up north, above Huxley Bay, to fish "muddy waters" that were covering 5'-6' ridges that had some grass along its edges. "We worked Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20# P-line, explained Terry, adding that they fished with carolina rigged Zoom watermelon Brush-Hogs. "The bass were hitting from the time that we got there, Ricky informed, further explaining that they were biting so light that you really had to be on your toes to feel them, and we must've caught at least 18 to 20 bass (with only 2 non-keepers) up until the wind started to blow at 1:pm when we could no longer feel them.

"Wal-Mart ran outa' Zoom lizards, stated John Ellender, "so I had to use FLW lizards instead, he explained as he informed of how he, and his team/dad, Herman Ellender, managed to run their Skeeter/Yamaha up to the 1215 area where they worked Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with Trilene XL-20# mono. "My son used carolina rigged sourgrape FLW lizards and I worked Zoom rootbeer/green Big Critters, Herman informed as he told of fishing 12'-15' grass-humps. "The bass were biting like crazy when we got there, stated John, "and we probably caught 30 bass before 9:30 a:m:, when they just plain shut-down on us. The father & son team from Sulphur LA, managed to cull a 5 bass/16.11 lb weight that would give them a 2nd place check for $2,000.

"I caught him in the net, announced Gary Budoin, "but my partner hooked him in the mouth. "After chuckles" John Hatton quickly told of fishing with a Castaway rod and Shimano reel spooled with 12# Berkely Big Game mono as he finessed with Zoom sourgrape Wacky worms. "The bass hit on my first cast, Hatton announced as he further stated that he was fishing a 6'-7' northlake inside grass-line when the 5.78 lb bass grabbed his wacky worm at 7:30 a:m: John Hatton's bass would hold as the "overall" tournament big bass which would net him a "fat" $1,240 check.

Top 5 Teams;
1-Ricky Potts/Terry Burghart----------------5 bass/16.38 lbs-$4,000
2-John Ellender/Herman Ellender-----------5 bass/16.11 lbs-$2,000
3-Wayne Hancock/Gene Bagley------------5 bass/15.57 lbs-$1,600
4-Bob Bryant/Sid Abernathy----------------5 bass/15.36 lbs-$1,400
5-James Bohon/Dennis Anderson---------5 bass/14.31 lbs-$1,200

Overall tournament Big Bass-(5.78 lbs)-John Hatton/Gary Budoin-$1,240

All bass were live released by the Shimano/SRA-LA Fish Recovery Krew with 402 bass weighing 865 lbs.

For more info on this, as well as other Bass-N-Bucks events contact David Concienne at (409)-727-8941.

1st Place Team - Potts - Burghart

Overall Big Bass - John Hatton

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