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Mineola, Texas, Angler Wins 15th Annual "Rayburn McSplash"
By Ed Snyder

15th Annual McDonalds "Big Bass Splash"
Saturday, April 24, 1999, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

With live broadcast by Fox 29/TV and KICKS 105fm Radio, tournament director Bob Sealy finalized the closing moments of the 15th Annual McDonalds "Big Bass Splash" by announcing the top five "overall" Big Bass winners. "5th place from Diana TX, with an 8.15 lb lunker, Bob began, Ken Jurischk-(applauds)-"4th place with an 8.26 lb bass, Bob continued, "from Center TX, Bobby Barreraz-(applauds)-"Ralph Horton from Sherwood AR, last years 2nd place winner, Bob informed, "with an 8.36 lb bass for this years 3rd place finish-(more applauds)-"White Oak TX, with an 8.51 lb Big Bass caught on the first day, Bob explained, "4th place winner, James Beckett-(whistles and applauds)-"Now, with an 8.84 lb Bass caught on the 2nd day of the tournament, Bob began to review, "Your 1999 McDonalds 15th Annual Lake Sam Rayburn "Big Bass Splash" winner, "Mike Tyndel, from Mineola TX, -(loud applauds and standing ovations) "And with that introduction, the tall, lanky and quiet family man from Mineola TX, stepped up to claim his first place prize package of $44,500.

This was the 15th time that Lake Sam Rayburn hosted this popular family oriented outdoor attraction as this years event drew 3, 036 anglers from 27 states and 3 countries-(Australia-Canada-Germany)- to compete for a guaranteed prize & cash bounty of $400,000. The Sealy Outdoors event involved anglers weighing in their hourly big bass catches that would pay them $6,900 in cash awards for the top ten largest bass of that hour. And as an extra added bonus for this 15th anniversary of the McDonalds "Big Bass Splash" the tournament would award an additional $5,000 bonus for the largest bass weigh-in daily, as well as exact weight bass awards of "fully-rigged"Triton Bass-Boats for daily catches of a 3.0-4.0-and-5.0 lb bass. The "Overall" largest bass caught during the three day long tournament would also award the lucky angler a $10,000 cash prize as well as the keys to a '99 Dodge Truck valued at $28,000.

Tournament Re-Cap;
Summer like 80 degree temps and gusting southeast winds greeted the 1st day bassers' as over 3,000 McAnglers dragged, cranked, flipped, and ripped their baits through their favorite Big Bass holes to try and catch some of the "Big Bass Splash" booty which was offered. At days end the #1 big bass came in with White Oak TX, McAngler, James Beckett as he fished a carolina rigged black/neon Mr. Twister worm along the outside edges of a Millcreek grass-line. Mr. Beckett took the 7-8 a:m: hour top 10 spot for $1,500 and was awarded the 15th Anniversary bonus of $5,000 as his 8.51 lb lunker held as the largest bass weighed-in for day one. Exact weight bass awards were won by (3.0)-Randy Michalec of San Augustine TX, (4.0)-Allen McKinney of Orange TX, and (5.0)-Hank Wiederhold of Nacogdoches TX, as each took home $14,900 Triton Bass Boats.

Near 90 degree warmth and calm to variable southeast winds conditioned day 2 bass bites as most anglers were able to spend time on mainlake big bass holes as the McAnglers weighed-in less fish but with heavier results as the #1 bass was brought in on the 10-11 a:m: hour by Mineola TX, McAngler, Mike Tyndel as he dragged a Yamamoto plum double tailed grub through a shallow southlake stump area to catch an 8.84 lb lunker which netted Mike a $1,500 hourly McCheck as well as a $5,000 15th Anniversary bonus check. Only one exact weight bass boat was awarded as Leonard Grappe of Carthage TX, landed a 3.0 bass to win his $14,900 Triton/OMC Johnson. The unclaimed 4.0-5.0- exact weight boats would be given away as tournament drawboats on the final day.

With a purrr-fect image of what a lazy-hazy summer day should be, the final day of the 15th annual McBass tournament would offer its anglers light winds, overcasting skys and "humid" 90 degree temperatures. But despite the "positives of the negatives" bass fishing conditions that would allow Winnie TX, angler, W. R. Touchet to catch an 8.01 lb bass from 5' Harvey Creek Willows on a Triple Rattling black/blue jig with a black/blue Bubble Craw to take the top of the 11-12:noon T-shirt hour for $1,500 and a $1,000 T-shirt bonus, "and" the 15th anniversary bonus of $5,000, the final day anglers would actually weigh-in less bass with slimmer weights for day three finals, with most anglers trying for the exact weight boats. But as the final bass was weighed, tallied, and recovered to the Shimano live release boat, only Deerpark TX, angler, George Clay would claim an exact weight Triton Bass Boat with his watermelon Wacky worm bite from 2' willows up in Little Powell Creek.

The 15th Annual Big Bass Splash anglers managed to donate $26, 885 to the Ronald McDonald House Charities which would now be added to the over 2 & 1/2 "Million" dollars that the McBass anglers have now given to those who are in need of such "heartfelt" benefits. The 15th Annual McDonald "Big Bass Splash" event paid out $417, 500 in cash & prizes which was "over" the $400,000 Guarantee.

As an extra-added attraction for the publics enjoyment the B.A.S.S. Federation held their prestigious K-Mart Casting Kids Competition which offered 7 to 10 and 11 to 14 age group children an opportunity to advance to the regional and national Casting Kids contests which would award them a casting spot at the BassMasters Classic Casting Kids World Championship.

Top B.A.S.S. Casting Kids;-(Hosted by the Bass Club of East Texas)-
(7-10 yrs)-
1st-Justin Branch
2nd-Hillery Procell\f0
3rd-Jordan Guidry
4th-Jonathen Askew
(11-14 yrs)-
1st-Chase Ellis
2nd-Bryce Saucier
3rd-Justin Berry
4th-Derek Mundy

Top 5 Big Bass-
(Day-3 Final-)
1-Mike Tyndel, Mineola TX. ------------(8.84 lbs)-$44,500
2-James Beckett, White Oak TX.--------(8.51 lbs)-$18,500
3-Ralph Horton, Sherwood AR.---------(8.36 lbs)-$9,500
4-Bobby Barreraz, Center TX.-----------(8.26 lbs)-$6,500
5-Ken Jurischk, Diana TX.---------------(8.15 lbs)-$4,500

"Little Angler" Winners-
Bass- Robert Jones-Spring Branch, TX.-(3.16 lbs)
Crappie- Tyler Thomas-Port Neches, TX.-(1.63 lbs)
Perch- Laura Bishop-Beaumont, TX.-(.59 ozs)
Catfish- Travis Humphries-Angleton, TX.-(5.03 lbs)

Exact weight bass-$14,900 "Fully Rigged" Triton/OMC Johnson Bass-Boat
(Day-3)-Sunday-April 25-1999
(3.0)-George Clay, Deerpark, TX.-
(4.0)-Un-claimed- reverts to drawprize
(5.0)-Un-claimed- reverts to drawprize

T-Shirt Bonus Hour-$1,000
(Day-3)-W. R. Touchet, Winnie TX-$1,000

All bass were live released by Shimano Fish Recovery and Texas Parks & Wildlife Fisheries Biologists for a three day tally of 676 bass weighing 2,752 lbs.

Next Years 16th Annual Lake Sam Rayburn "Big Bass Splash" is scheduled for April 14, 15, 16, (2000).

For more info on this, as well as other Sealy Outdoor's tournament events contact -(409)-698-2591-or- write to <Sealy Outdoors-P.O. Drawer 5431-Sam Rayburn, TX. 75951> For Daily Tournament Updates clic to-the pages of <>

TOP 20 15th Annual McSplash Anglers;
1 Mike Tyndel Mineola, TX 8.84 $44,500.00
2 James Beckett white Oak, Tx 8.51 $18,500.00
3 Rakph Horton Sherwood, Ar 8.36 $9,500.00
4 Bobby Barreraz Center, TX 8.26 $6,500.00
5 Ken Jurischk Diana, TX 8.15 $4,500.00
6 David Frazier DeQuincy 8.03 $1,500.00
7 Dustin Stromsness Montgomery, TX 8.02 $1,500.00
8 W.R. Touchet Winnie, TX 8.01 $7,500.00
9 John Courtney Pollock, TX 7.74 $1,500.00
10 Johnny Tims Leesville, LA 7.71 $1,000.00
11 Richard Jones Rayville, LA 7.51 $2,500.00
12 Kary Sollock beaumont, Tx 7.43 $1,500.00
13 Calvin Runnels Jefferson, TX 7.34 $1,500.00
14 Rette Ratliff Corrigan, TX 7.28 $1,000.00
15 Whit Michalec San Augustine, TX 7.28 $1,500.00
16 Jerry Vaughn Ore City, TX 7.09 $1,500.00
17 Alan Winters Kilgore, TX 7.08 $900.00
18 James Kane Baton Rouge, LA 7.05 $1,000.00
19 Phil Lasswell Lufkin, TX 6.94 $1,500.00
20 Ronnie Arnold Lufkin, TX 6.94 $2,900.00

T-shirt-Bonus-and Boat winners;

Tim Reed - Friday T-Shirt $1,000
Richard Jones - Saturday T-Shirt $1,000
W.R. Touchet - Sunday T-Shirt $1,000
James Beckett - Friday Anniversary Bonus - $5,000
Mike Tyndel - Saturday Anniversary Bonus - $5,000
W.R. Touchet - Sunday Anniversary Bonus - $5,000
Randy Michalec - Friday - 3.00 Exact - $14,900
Allen McKinney - Friday - 4.00 Exact - $14,900
Hank Wiederhold - Friday - 4.00 Exact - $14,900
Leonard Grappe - Saturday - 3.00 Exact - $14,900
David Landers - Saturday - 4.00 Exact - $14,900
Kevin Lasyone - Saturday - 5.00 Exact - $14,900
George Clay - Sunday - 3.00 Exact - $14,900
Diedre Boshears - Sunday - 4.00 Exact - $14,900
Ronald Valentine - Sunday - 5.00 Exact - $14,900
Vernon Lich - Elimination Drawing - $14,900
Gary Koester - Pontoon Boat Drawing - $9,000

1st Place - Mike Tyndel

$26,855 Reasons

Bob Sealy with 2nd Place Winner - James Beckett

Mike Tyndel with his new McDodge

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