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Post Spawn Cranks Take "The Stump"
By Ed Snyder

1999 Crystal On The Stump Invitational Twin Dikes Marina

"If you flinched or jerked, you'd miss the fish, stated Hemphill, TX, Bass/Pro, Harold Stalcup. Harold was one of the 41 Pro's who teamed up with 41 amateur class anglers to fish and compete in the "Crystal on the Stump" Invitational team bass tournament being held on Lake Sam Rayburn. And as "tuff" as the bite was for the 41 teams who were fishing under changing weather patterns, the bite was to get even"tuffer" as their deadline for weigh-in was to be at the "noon-thirty" hour.

Started as an informal businessman's get-together a few years ago, "The Stump" as it is now called, has developed into quite a tournament event as it has drawn "other" well known National Pro's to its "informal shenanigans", such as BassMaster's, Randy Dearman, and David Wharton, and FLW-Everstart Pro's such as Carl Svebek III and Todd Faircloth. "Its just plain fun, states "Stump" organizer and tournament director, Don Collins, adding that they started it for just that reason, as it gave everyone a welcome break from their routines, as well as giving them a chance to win some "pretty respectable bucks", Don informed, as he pointed out that this event would pay $7,560 in tournament paybacks for the top 3 winning teams "and" another $18,600 in calcutta money collections.

"We managed to catch our winning 5 bass/19.42 lb catch by working tennesee shad Rist-O-Raps, explained Jasper TX, Bass/Pro, Dan Williamson, as he further informed of how he, and team partner, Vernon Noble, managed to glide their Pro-Craft/Mercury bass-rig over 12'-13' mid-lake grass-flats to work Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 12# Berkley big game mono. "We had our limit by 8:30 a:m:, Dan explained, adding that they probably caught two limits, culling their final bass, a 5 lb fish, by noon. "My big bass, Dan enlightened, came in on a 9:30 a:m: bite. Dan's big bass of 7.45 lbs would also hold as the tournament "overall".

"I call it "finessing the grass" stated Hemphill Bass/Pro, Harold Stalcup, as he began to inform about their 2nd place pattern. "We managed to maneuver our Champion/Mariner bass-rig along 12' mid-lake points, Harold informed, adding that he, and team partner, Robert Marinquin, slooowly worked shad/white Norman DD-22's through the hydrilla stalks. "Our Shimano reels spooled with 12# Triple Fish fluorocarbon line "really" made the difference, Harold stressed, as he further told of how it kept them from "catching" the grass as they sorta' "wallowed" their baits through while making contact without snagging it. "The super-sensitive Shimano rods "also" allowed for us to feel those sluggish bites that we were getting, Harold explained, "as they would "mush-mouth" the bait for at least 5' to 6' before really getting onto it. "And if we missed the bite with our crankbaits, Harold mused, "we would immediately toss a -(split-shot)- mini-carolina rigged pumpkin/green Larew worm back in there to finesse the bass back to biting again. Harold Stalcup and Robert Marinquin managed to catch 15 bass as they culled a 9:am til noon bite for a 5 bass/17.57 lb 2nd place finish..

Top 3 Crystal Teams;
1-Dan Williamson/Vernon Nobles----------5 bass/19.42 lbs-(payout-$3,280)-(calcutta-$9,300
2-Harold Stalcup/Robert Marinquin--------5 bass/17.57 lbs-(payout-$1,968)-(calcutta-$5,580
3-Bobby Taylor/Bo Scott----------------------5 bass/13.84 lbs-(payout-$1,312)-(calcutta-$3,720

Tournament Overall Big Bass-(7.45 lbs)-Dan Williamson/Vernon Nobles-$820

All bass were live released at tournament site-

For more info; on the "annual" Crystal on the Stump Invitational events contact Don Collins at (409)-698-2309-

Tournament Sponsors; Latch Oil Co- Piney Point Plaza- The Stump Restaurant- Bogel Sales- Texaco/Bob Haun- Tommy Dickerson- Gary Taylor- The "Dam" Liqour Store- Giglio Miller Distribiting- Del Papa Budwieser Distributing- and- "The Stump" anglers-

1st Place - Dan Williamson - Vernon Noble

2nd Place - Harold Stalcup - Robert Marin

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