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Congratulations and accolades


Congratulations and accolades go out to Sam Rayburn's Carl Svebek for his "Tuff" top five cut of FLW's Wal-Mart Open held on Beaver Lake, AR. The April 20- thru- 24- event drew our nations top professional bass anglers who competed for $641,000 in cash & prizes. Carl -(sponsored by Land O Lakes)- managed to wrestle up enough bass-weight to capture the $25,000 4th place position. Clark Wendlandt, another Texas Pro, managed to win the event's 1st place position for a $150,000 payday and a berth at the Wal-Mart FLW Championship to be held on September 22-25 in Wagoner OK. CARL Svebek won the 1998 Everstart Tournament here on Lake Sam Rayburn which gave him the step-up to the National FLW tour. "Go Munchkin"


Texas Share-a-lunker Update-(13 lbs or better)-(1-888-784-0600)\b0
With lunker bass season now within the apex of its Prime-Time, the following Bass catches have been donated and recovered by TP & W.
(Up-dated Feb, 23, 1999)(Lunker update reports-1-888-784-0600)
1-(11/24/98)-Bob Lastinger,of Yantis TX-Lake Fork-(13.41 lbs)
2-(1/15/99)-Curtis Newman, of League City TX-Lake Conroe-(13.56 lbs)
3-(1/27/99)-Randy Speight, of Cumby TX.-Lake Fork-(13.24 lbs)
4-(1/28/99)-Toby Edwards, of Oralnd CA.-Lake Fork-(14.02 lbs)
5-(2/6/99)-Bill Wedelich, of Conroe TX.-Lake Conroe-(13.81 lbs)
6- (2/28/99)- Flo O'Brain, of Ft. Worth, TX. -Lake Fork-(16.63 lbs)-
7- (3/4/99)- Jason Walker, of (N/A)- Lake Nacogdoches- (13.64 lbs)-
8- (3/5/99)- Robert Monroe, of Fairfax, S.D. - Lake Fork- (13.31 lbs)-
9- (3/7/99)- Darrell Proffit, of Jasper, TX. - Richland Chambers Reservoir- (13.89 lbs)-
10- (3/17/99)- Derek Wedding, of Kilgore, TX. -Lake Fork- (13.22 lbs)-
11-(3/20/99)- David Burns, of Liberal, KS. - Baylor Lake- (13.31 lbs)-
12-(4/4/99-Terry Garner, (N/A)-Cooper Lake-(15.17 lbs)-
13-(4/6/99)-Jim Bryan, of Mineola, TX.-(X)-(13.58 lbs)-Lake Fork
14-(4/7/99)-Doug Moore, of Richardson, TX.-(13.38 lbs)-Lake Fork
\kerning0 15-(4/11/99)- Roger Wells, of Waxahatchie, TX.-(13.40 lbs)-Lake Fork
16-(N/A/)- Steve Cantrell, Terrel TX.-(13.57 lbs)-Lake Fork
17-(N/A/)- Mark Howard, Sanger, TX.-(13.25 lbs)-Lake Ray Roberts

Review of the 1999 Budweiser ShareLunker Program Season Results as of April 30-
By Neil Ward
17 entries from seven reservoirs-survival of 82.4% (14 of 17 survived-Lake Fork produced 10 lunkers-Lake Ray Roberts was added to the list of reservoirs that have produced a lunker-Lake Cooper entry was certified as a new lake record-Average weight = 13.79 pounds (range = 13.22 - 16.63 pounds)-two lunkers (16.63 pound fish from Lake Fork and the 15.17 pound lunker from Lake Cooper) were added to the state's list of "Top 50" largemouth bass-16.63 entry is largest largemouth bass to ever have been caught by a woman fishing in the public waters of Texas-16.63 pound lunker is the largest fish entered in the program since 1993-besides Texas, anglers originated from Kansas, South Dakota, and California-greatest number of entries since 1996--Spawning---Although the period for accepting fish concluded on April 30, spawning efforts will continue until no more spawns can be collected. Thus, the spawn, egg, and fry totals listed here will be underestimates of actual production.---paired 12 lunkers with males-seven lunkers spawned as of April 30, 1999 (new program record, previous record was six in 1988)-a total of 15 spawns were recorded as of April 30, 1999 (new program record, previous record was 10 in 1988)-one lunker spawned four times, another three times lunkers, two each spawned twice-13 spawns resulted in the production of 133,147 eggs (average of 19,021 eggs/fish)- fry stocked in rearing ponds--Research-began growth comparison between progeny from lunkers and broodfish in the state's broodstock program - the study will extend for the next 8-10 years-first year eggs and fry were enumerated using Jen Sorter-began to evaluate use of McDonald jars for incubating lunker eggs.

Louisiana Lunker Bass Update-(13 lbs or better)-(318)-748-6914
As of this print there haven't been any entries in the 1999 lunker program.

Lake Toledo Bend Lunker Bass Program-(10 lbs or better)-(318-256-4114)
1-(3/1/99)- Bob McKeithen-(12 lbs-7 ozs)-
2-(3/6/99)- Dennis Atwood-(10 lbs-3 ozs)-
3-(3/17/99)- Frank Glover-(11 Lbs-2 ozs)-
4-(2/13/99)- Glen Bradley-(11. lbs-.41 ozs)-
5-(3/27/99)-Ronnie Cooper-(10 lbs-.22 ozs)-
6-(4/4/99)-Patsy Covington-(10 lbs_.92 ozs)-
7-(3/28/99)-Joey Hains-(10 lbs .05 ozs)-
(NOTE)-The Toledo Bend Lunker Bass Awards Will Be Handed Out on Sunday, June 27- at the McDonalds Big Bass Tournmament)

Lake Toledo Bend will soon feel the presence of its 13th Annual McDonalds "Big Bass Splash" on June 25, 26, 27, at Cypress Bend Resort-which offers a "guaranteed" $190,000 in cash & prizes. This years event will payout hourly top 10 bass spots for all three days as well as "overall" awards for the top 5 bass weighed-in during the three day tournament. There will also be "DAILY" exact weight -$14,900- Triton Bass Boats awarded to the anglers who can weigh-in an exact weight bass of 3.0 lbs each day of the tournament. Cypress Bend Resort, located on the Louisiana side (south of the Pendleton Bridge) will host this exciting event which is expected to draw Big Bass anglers, as well as "little anglers" from a 27 state/two country area. For more info; on this, as well as other Sealy Outdoor "Splash" events, call (409)-698-2591- or clic to- <>

Carl "munchkin" Svebek takes 4

Land-O-Lakes - Carl Svebek

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