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"High Fives" for Rayburn's Lil' Buddy season opener

With Summer weather patterns heating up the late Spring day, thirty one Lil' Buddies and adult chaperon's teamed up to fish "their day" as giggles, screams, and laughter filled the aura of our Nation's "National Fishing Day", and as the noon hour weigh-in began to sort through the colorful catches of perch, crappie, catfish, bass, and "stuff", the smiles of those who participated seemed to outdo the warmth and brilliance of the East Texas Sun.

Started as a program for building family oriented "fishing and fun" events for kids, parents, and guardians, the Texas B.A.S.S. Federation Chapter sponsored tournament now enjoys an atmosphere of family "togetherness" as child and adult experience a formula for "re-kindled" friendships -"AND FUN"-. There is nothing better for the soul than to witness family groups playing together as they learn to enjoy each others company, and the Lil' Buddy tournament tour does just that as "quality time" well spent with the family units provide strong and healthy family relationships for the future of those family units, for betwixt all the tantrums, fits, and behavior problems of normal child reactions, along with the fantastic weather that Mother Nature provided for this day, the importance of it all would be witnessed and understood by those who attended. As those final "baggies" of perch, crappie, catfish, bass, and "stuff" were checked and weighed, those who managed to tally up the better catches for their divisions would find their names etched to the leader board for prizes and awards that were donated by the tournament sponsors.

For more information on how you can become a sponsor of this family oriented event, as well info on other Southeast Texas B.A.S.S. Federation programs, contact youth director, Gary Smith, at Home-(409)-786-3092 -or- Work-(409)-745-5979.

Striving to preserve the future of fishing through conservation, youth, and public awareness
Beginners group - 3 to 6 years
Carlie Ann Svebek - 3 yrs.
Brookeland TX - 3.83 lb. - 1 - bass
(2) Ryan Jacobs - 5 yrs.
Jasper TX - 3.15 lbs. - catfish & bream
(3) Tyler Morgan - 3 yrs.
Silsbee TX - 2.69 lbs. - bass
(4) Trent Morgan ("yep-twins) - 3 yrs.
Silsbee TX - 2.66 lbs. - bass & perch
Overall Big Fish Award
Carlie Ann Svebek - 3.83 lbs.
Junior Division - 7 - 13 years
(1) Ryan Keele - 13 yrs.
Center TX - 8.40 lbs. - 5 - bass
(2) Chantz Pryor - 10 yrs.
Jasper TX - 7.66 lbs. - 4 bass
(3) Hunter Gothia - 8 yrs.
Bridge City TX - 6.76 lbs. - 5 bass
(4) Chad Skiles - 9 yrs.
Groves TX - 2.35 lbs. - 2 bass
Advanced Division 14 - 17 years
(1) John Price - 14 yrs.
Fayetteville TX - 9.90 lbs. - 5 bass
(2) Cody Clayton - 16 yrs.
Beaumont TX - 8.53 lbs. - 5 bass
(3) Mathew Lambert - 16 yrs.
Livingston TX - 2.82 lbs. - 2 bass
(4) Damon Bishop - 14 yrs.
Orange TX - 2.40 lbs. - 1 bass

All fish were live released at the tournament site by the children - "honest"

Next Lil' Buddy tournament will be on July 10th at Lake Toledo Bend's Lowe's Creek Park.

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