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Southlake Grass Pattern Takes Rayburn's Anglers Choice Team
By Ed Snyder

Anglers Choice East Texas Team Series-
Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"Now here's a man who should know what the score is, announced the tournament director as Kenny Sibley stepped up to claim his teams 3rd place finish. "What's the skinny on the real pattern that's winning these tournaments on Lake Sam Rayburn Ken-?-.............. "Luck"!!

If there ever was any recognition to be given to a leading faction for the developement of competitive bass tournament circuit formats, then a major portion of that recognition would have to be given to the Anglers Choice Tournament Circuit. Started by Johnny Davis some years ago, the Anglers Choice Group quickly provided a finessing tool for the upgrading of bass tournament operations of today, which now enjoys a popularity among the competitive minded bass anglers that far exceeds those "fruitjar" weekender events of yore, to the present day tournaments which now awards thousands of dollars in cash & prizes to its attending anglers. The Anglers Choice Tournament Group offers a diversified field of tournament interests which now provides competitive formats for Team, Couples, Amateur, Pro/Am, Special Events, and "now" a woman's bass fishing circuit as "Bassin' Her Style" has now arrived to provide competitive bass fishing interest for the women anglers.The Anglers Choice logo "is" a true trade mark of its own definition as it provides anglers a choice as to the enjoyments of their own personal options. Such as was about to be enjoyed by the "Team Anglers" who were now landing their bass-rigs to the banks of Twin Dikes Marina as they prepared to weigh-in their hard earned catches.

"With 5 bass at 16.11 lbs, announced Tournament Director, Randy Knight, your leading team anglers, Phil Addison and Gene Cox. "Fat Free Shad fingerlings, stated the Witt Marine Team of Baytown TX, as they informed of their fishing day. "Probably caught 40 bass today, they explained, adding that they managed to run a southlake pattern from the deck of their Triton/Mercury bass-rig as they worked Shimano rods and reels spooled with 15# P-line while fishing the Farmers area that had 8'-10 grass-flats. "We managed to catch at least two limits of keepers today on shad patterns, Cox explained, further informing that they managed to cull a 5 bass/16.10 lb weight for the 1st place check of $1,400, which would also land them another $280 for the "overall" big bass of the tournament.

"And with a 5 bass/15.11 lb catch, Randy introduced, "your 2nd place runner up team, Brian Bennett and Richard Tatsch. "Our Cobra/Mercury bass-rig helped to get us there, announced the Cen-Tex-Marine Team of Center TX, informing of how they managed to fish Norman DD-22's along Buck Bay 12'-14' outside grass-edges. "We must've caught at least 60 bass today, Tatsch informed, adding that they worked Castaway/Allstar rods and Shimano/Quantum reels spooled with 14# Triple Fish line. "Crawfish patterns was the key for our bite, Bennett pointed out as he spoke of culling their 5 bass/15.11 lb $700 check from a keeper tally of 25 bass.

Top 5 East Texas Teams;
1-Phil Addison/Gene Cox-----------------5 bass/16.10 lbs-$1,400
2-Brian Bennett/Richard Tatsch---------5 bass/15.11 lbs-$700
3-Kenny Sibley/Myron Beachy----------5 bass/14.93 lbs-$625
4-Shelby Shaw/Rusty Clark---------------5 bass/14.44 lbs-$515
5-Chris Fea/Wyatt Withers---------------5 bass/14.16 lbs-$435
Tournament "Overall" Big Bass-(6.71 lbs)-Phil Addison/Gene Cox-$280

All bass were live released via the Anglers Choice fish recovery team with 186 bass weighing 392 lbs.

For more info; on this, as well as other Anglers Choice Events contact Randy Knight at (409)-694-7634 -or clic to- <>

Next East Texas Team event will be held out of Waterwood Marina on Lake Livingston June 12, 1999.



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