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"Top Six" Championship

28th Anniversary Louisiana Top Six Championship
Sunday, May 2, 1999, San Miquel Park, Lake Toledo Bend, LA.

Under the protectives of the Bayou BassMaster's of Alexandria, LA, for these past 28 years, the Louisiana Top Six Championship has developed into one of Toledo Bends most important tournament events as hundreds of bass club anglers, along with their friends and families, arrive each year to spread some time "and money" around the local business area's of the lake. This year managed to draw 930 anglers which represented 150 Bass Clubs which arrived from every corner and niche of Louisiana culture to compete in this two day event. Among the items of interests for the Top Six agenda is a fund raising project for the benefit of the Louisiana Wildlife Federation where moneys were collected to help fund certain projects.

Tournament re-cap-(day-1)
First day top six anglers managed to tally-up tournament digitals for 142, of the 150 clubs, which would weigh-in bass catches, giving top leaderboard marks to the Busey Reservoir Bass Club of Bastrop, LA, with their 12 bass/39.64 lbs. First day "Overall" Big Bass arrived within the club weight of the Yank n' Crank Bass Club with a David Fontenot catch of 7.24 lbs. Day one digitized 1,310 bass weighing 2,955 lbs which were live released by the Shimano/SRA-La Fish Recovery Krewe.

Day Two-Finals
Chamber of Commerce perfection ruled the final day of competitive waters as calm to variable winds allowed for improved "bass-i-tudes" as final day top-six anglers were to find, catch, and cull some Big "T" bass from the 184,000 surface acre options that edged Toledo's 1,200 shoreline which bordered the States of Louisiana and Texas. The earlier weigh-in deadlines may have cut the bassin' time short as "lighter bites" were realized for the final days weigh-in, but as they often say, when the times get "Ruff" the "Tuff" get going and as the Fat Lady began to sing her final song the lead

1st place - Busey Reservoir Bass Club 24 bass / 74,68 lbs. - $2,000
2nd place - North Pass Bass Club 24 bass / 66.52 lbs. - $1,500
3rd place - Lafayette Oilmens Bass Club24 bass / 66.40 lbs. - $1,000
4th place - Casting Cajuns Bass Club 24 bass / 62.22 lbs. - $600
5th place - Bogalusa Bass Club 23 bass / 61.38 lbs. - $500
6th place - Northwest Louisiana Bass Club24 bass / 61.38 lbs. - $400

Tournament "Overall" Big Bass - 7.24 lbs. David Fontenot - Yank n' Crank Bass Club 1999 "fully rigged" Champion - 181SC / Mariner 150 Bass Boat valued at $23,338
Bass Club "luck o the draw"

All bass were live released by the Shimano/SRA-LA Fish Recovery Krewe with 2,412 bass weighing 5,066 lbs.

For more info on the Louisiana Top Six Championship Bass Tournament contact John Miller at (318)-445-7817

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