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5 bass/16.63 lbs Nets "Fisher's of Men" Win On Rayburn
By Ed Snyder

Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"We caught fish from daylight til weigh-in time, stated the Christian Team which had just digitized a 5 bass/16.63 lb leading weight for the "Fishers Of Men" Texas Division anglers who were competing for berths at the State, Regional, and National Championships. Matthew 4:19 - and Jesus said: Follow me and I will make you Fisher's of Men....

"And so it goes with this National Tournament tour as it quickly becomes one of the fastest growing competitive trails of its type in the nation as more and more bass tournament anglers choose to "Follow the Lord". Now in its second year of operations, the Fishers Of Men National circuit presently operates a four regional format with 11 divisions which involve the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, East Tennessee, Central Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi, West North Carolina, and Texas.

"We had a good fellowship last night at the Beach Grove Baptist Church in Jasper, stated Texas Division Director, James Shumake, "with about 50 to 60 people in attendance. "The wonderful church membership provided an "excellent" meal of Brisket & BB-Q, James included, adding that National Director, Jim Phillips of North Greenwood Baptist Church of Missisippi, preached "the message" as former BassMaster TV crew-member and Lakecaster field editor, Len Fairbanks gave some pro-fishing tips. "We also had some special music provided by Theresa Biskamp with singing by Dean Morgan, Shumake further informed as he stated that 29 teams were signed up for todays team tournament event.

And as the 3:pm weigh-in hour began to collect its tournament tally at Twin Dikes Marina, most anglers were to find some rather "tuff" fishing as they worked under unusally warm northwesterly windage as "Hot & Humid" ruled this day with high pressure and postfront "pre-fronts" keeping the larger bass on lock-jaw patterns. But as tournament director, Rodney Howard, processed the weigh-in, a few anglers were to find some heavier bites that would put them at the top of the leaderboard.

"Skeeter/Yamaha helped to get us to our mid-lake buck-brush, informed Tim Palculict of Beaumonts Bevil Oaks 1st Baptist Church, and Charles Latham of Calvary Baptist of Orange. "We must've caught 35 to 40 bass from daylight til weigh-in time as we worked Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 50# SpiderWire, as we fished Zoom green/pumpkin wacky's and 3/4 oz Oldham Camo jigs with watermelon Larew craws within 5'-8' buck-brush for our 5 bass/16.63 lb 1st place catch.

"Dead Ringer 10" watermelon worms rigged carolina style, advised Mack Rose of Buna's 1st Baptist Church and Max Hawthorne of Silsbee's Pine Forest Baptist. "We worked them "hard" from the deck of our Pro-Craft/Mercury bass-rig as we fished Castaway rods and Shimano reels with Berkley BG-15# mono while working 5'-15' drop-offs up in Buck Bay. The Buna/Silsbee team managed to catch a 5 bass/15.38 lb weight for a 2nd place finish.

"Watermelon/Red Zoom centipede worked carolina style up near a Powell Park 11' outside grass-edge, stated Don Webb of Farmer's Branch Webb Chapel Church of Christ, as he told of catching the "overall" Hawg that would intimidate the digitals to 8.33 lbs. "My team partner, Cecil Jackson of Lufkin's 1st Baptist Church managed to net it for me, Don informed, adding that the bass hit at 9:45 a:m:. Don's "kicker" would also claim a 3rd place spot for the team with a 5 bass/15.84 lb weight.

Top 6 "Fishers Of Men" Teams;
1-Charles Latham/Tim Palculict..................5 bass/16.63 lbs-$960
2-Mack Rose/Max Hawthorne....................5 bass/15.84 lbs-$480
3-Cecil Jackson/Don Webb.........................5 bass/15.38 lbs-$360
4-Kirk Benoit/George Fontenot...................5 bass/11.94 lbs-$288
5-Patrick Burke/Russell Koch......................5 bass/11.93 lbs-$240
6-John Walker/John Strozier........................5 bass/11.65 lbs-$192

"Overall" tournament Big Bass-(8.33 lbs)-Don Webb/Cecil Jackson -$180

All tournament bass were live released at tournament site by the Fishers Of Men fish recovery team.

For more information on this tournament contact James Shumake at (1-800-Big Hawg)-or clic to- <>

Latham-(L)-and Palclict show 1st place bass

Webb-(L)-and Jackson display 8.33 lb overall

Top 3 Fishers of Men Teams-(L-R)

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