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By Ed Snyder/Lakecaster

National Fishing Week-June 5th through 13th- "Take A Kid Fishing at Wal*Mart" Events- The Wal*Mart SuperCenter in Jasper, TX, created a pocket of fun and excitement for some customer participation activities that involved casting techniques and knot tying instructions provided by Wal*Mart EverStart Bass Champion and FLW Pro, Carl Svebek of Brookeland TX.

As National Fishing Week was celebrating its 20th year of encouraging americans, young & old alike, to get a rod and reel and go fishing, this years National Fishing Week initiated a merging of interests between Zebco, one of our nations largest and most popular fishing tackle manufacturer's, and Wal*Mart, one of our nations largest and most visited retail store chains. Formatted to encourage the recruitment of new anglers to the sport of fishing, the normal fishing license permits were waived for the week of June 5th thru the 13th, as 46 states joined in for the promotion of family oriented outdoor recreational activities.

This is such a great thing for the people of Zebco and Wal*Mart to be doing, praised Pro-Bass Angler, Carl Svebek, as he explained how they were spending time with the kids teaching them how to tie knots, pinpoint cast, and speed retrieves. "Most of these kids already know how to cast pretty good, informed a very surprised Carl Svebek, further adding, "I guess its because they live so close to Lake Sam Rayburn and Lake Toledo Bend, as we've had some 3 to 10 year olds come by to try their luck, Carl stated, and "by golly" I would really hate to have to compete against some of these kids as they are pretty "dog-gone" good.

Carl Svebek had volunteered his time to help out with the "FREE"- "Take A Kid Fishing" event at the Wal*Mart SuperCenter where all of the children received special prizes, caps, patches, and tackle packs for casting to their marks with Zebco 202 rod & reels. The children would also receive certificates of merit and plenty of "atta-boys" from the approving crowds who were "watching & dodging" some of their casting abilities. (me thinks next years casting weights should be "rubber")-

For more information on this Annual Wal*Mart/Zebco "Take A Kid Fishing" event call (409)-384-1707 -(sporting goods dept.)- or come on by the store which is located on Hwy 190 west and view the special '99 Take A Kid Fishing photo-board which is on display at the fishing tackle section. (donated by Jasper's Wal*Mart SuperCenter and Outdoor Writer/Photographer-Ed Snyder of LakeCaster Publications).

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