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26.36 lbs Takes Toledo "Gold"
By Ed Snyder

Sealy Outdoors Open Team Splash"Go For The Gold"
June 13, 1999, Cypress Bend Resort, Toledo Bend Lake, LA.

"We decided to fish our big bass hole early, stated the Zwollie LA, team which had just "intimidated" the weigh-in scale with their days worth of bassin' on Lake Toledo Bend. "And after working a northlake ridgeline with a newly formulated worm by Reaction Lures, we managed to boat a 6 lb, 5 lb, and 3 lb bass very quickly, "then after switching to a new carolina rigged Reaction fry my 3rd cast "exploded" as "theee" Big One hit, and after a short, but energetic fight, my partner finally boated the 8.99 "kicker". "After that, stated the happy team anglers, "it was just a matter of casting, hooking, and hanging in there until we had to head in for our 3:pm weigh-in. "With 5 bass weighing 26.36 lbs, announced "Team Splash" director, Bob Sealy to the huge crowd of onlookers, "your new leaders folks, "and", if their weight holds it'll be worth $10,000 CASH!
As this was to be the final event to be held on Toledo Bend for the '99 season of the Sealy Outdoors Open Team Splash "Go For The Gold" circuit, the competition among the 175 teams, who launched into Big "T" the morning of June 13th, was expected to be at high levels as it was a "go for broke"situation for those who were vying for ramp positions at the "Team Splash Championship" to be held on October 9th & 10th. Unique unto itself, the Sealy Outdoor's Championship would be a split lake tournament that would involve one day of competition on Toledo Bend and one day of competition on Rayburn. Those who are able to accumulate the top 25 point standings after the final Team/Splash event on August 1st, will qualify for the Championship, as will those top anglers who make the top 10 wildcard slots. And with a team tournament average of 174 teams per event it wouldn't be because of any lacking interests for not filling any of those slots.

Overcasting skys and light southerly winds around the Cypress Bend Park facillity, located on the mid-lake side of Louisiana's Toledo Bend Lake, made for a pleasent day of bassin', and bass tournament watching. And as the final bags were checked, weighed, tallied and quickly transfered to the nearby Shimano/SRA-LA fish recovery barge, the leading weights would finally mark and initial those who would pocket the top money checks.

"Reaction Lures provided this win for us, explained Curtis Fisette, as he informed of how he, and team partner Scotty Reynolds, ran their Skeeter/Yamaha bass-rig "up-lake" to fish 8'-14' ridgelines and scattered grass-clumps. "We decided to try and catch our "kickers" early, Curtis further informed, telling how they worked Castaway rods and Garcia/Shimano reels spooled with Berkely 15-20 # mono. "It's a newly formulated worm that Reaction Lures call the "Toledo Tickler", explained Scotty, as he informed about the new Reaction Lure that they rigged TX style as they dragged the ridgelines. "The redbug colored worm and fry definitely made the difference for our winning this event, stated an excited Curtis Fisette, as he and Scotty Reynolds stepped forward to receive their $10,000 1st place winnings.

"Riverside Fat Free Shads in firetiger, informed Timpson TX, angler, Stan Burgay, adding that he and Lance Hughes of Center TX, managed to work Castaway/Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20# Big Game, while fishing cranks and carolina rigged Riverside watermelon/chartreuce lizards along northlake 10'-12' river channel brush. "We mostly had a slow bite, explained Stan, as he told of only catching 7 bass from an all day bite which would put a 5 bass/22.70 lb weight in their boat and a $5,000 2nd place check in their pockets.

"Skeeter/Yamaha was our rig, prompted Nobie "Jo" LeBert, as she informed of how she, and her team partner & husband, Bobby LeBert, found their 3rd place catch of 5 bass/19.81 lbs. "We mainly fished betwixt the Pendleton Bridge and Lowe's Creek areas, Nobie stated, further explaining that they worked Allstar rods and Lews reels spooled with 10/50 Spider Wire while fishing 10'-12' grass-humps with 1 oz black/blue Mr. Blitz jigs with rootbeer Zoom chunks along the river channel drops. The Brookeland TX, couple managed to cull 3 limits of bass which put a 6.23 lb bass in their well and a $2,500 payday in their tackle pack..

Top 5 Teams;
1-Curtis Fisette/Scotty Reynolds-----------------5 bass/26.36 lbs-$10,000
2-Stan Burgay/Lance Hughes----------------------5 bass/22.70 lbs-$5,000
3-Bobby LeBert/Nobie "Jo" LeBert---------------5 bass/19.81 lbs-$2,500
4-Robert Ates/Bert Thompson---------------------5 bass/19.64 lbs-$1,500
5-Charlie King/Steve Procell------------------------5 bass/19.14 lbs-$1,000

Overall Tournament Big Bass-(8.99 lbs)--Curtis Fisette/Scotty Reynolds-$1,000

All bass were live released by the Shimano/SRA-LA Fish Recovery Krewe with 520 bass weighing 1,340 lbs.

This tournament paid out $29,750 in cash awards for the top 25 positions which included the top 3 big bass slots-

Next "Team Splash" event will be held on August 1st, 1999, at Twin Dikes Marina on Lake Sam Rayburn, TX. For more information on this, as well as other Sealy Outdoor events, contact (409)-698-2591 -or- clic to- <> -or- <>


(John Dean-(C)- of Reaction Lures, helps Reynolds-(L)-and Fisette-(R)-display their $10,000 1st place catch

Hughes-(L)-and Burgay "heft" their $5,000 2nd place catch

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