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Lil' Buddies Have Fun On Big "T"
By Ed Snyder/Lakecaster

Southeast Texas B.A.S.S. Federation Lil' Buddy Circuit
Sunday, July 10, 1999, Lowe's Creek Park, Lake Toledo Bend, TX.

Mom's, Dad's, Aunt's, Uncle's, PahPa's, NeeMa's, and Big Buddies had their hands full, the morning of July 10, as they helped to bait hooks, untangle fishing lines, unsnag fishin' rigs, and land "the critters" of the Lil' Buddies who were competing in Lake Toledo Bend's Lil' Buddy Tournament. With the incredible beauty of an early morning sunrise painting Toledo's predawn skyline, children of all age groups began fishing for bass, crappie, perch, catfish, and "stuff" as they casted their efforts for awards, prizes, and "High-Fives" at the 2nd event of the Southeast Texas B.A.S.S. Federation Lil' Buddy fishing circuit.

"Fun" is the key word here, answered Gary Smith, Youth Director for the Southeast TX B.A.S.S. Federation, "as we provide a day in the great outdoor's for those families who enjoy fishing together on a competitive level. "This is really a learning process here, Gary stated, as he explained that the groups of children are started out within their age groups, then as they grow older they will graduate to the higher levels of their age groups expertise. "In this way, Gary further informed, "we don't have 4 year olds competing against 16 year olds as all of the children will have fun within their own age group levels. "This is also a learning experience for the adults too, Gary points out, "as we adults re-learn the importance of the child/adult bonding process which helps to develope strong and healthy family relationships. "This is our way of helping to rebuild the olde' traditional family values as we get back to the basics, advises Gary as he extends, "so, come on out to our next event which will be held at April Plaza Marina, Lake Conroe on August 14, to see what the Lil' Buddies are all about as we invite you to join in on the fun "and" the "High-Fives".

As the "kidz friendly" 12:Noon weigh-in began to collect the booty from the days fishing efforts, those children who caught & weighed-in the heavier bags of bass, crappie, perch, catfish, and "stuff" managed to notch their names on the leaderboard of winning catches.

Top Age Group Winners;

Beginners group-(3 to 6 years)-
(1)-Caitlyn Iles-(5 yrs)-Hemphill, TX.............9-lbs-1oz-(sack-o-perch)
(2)-Maddie Smith-(6 yrs)-Vidor, TX..............2-lbs-4.8ozs-(sack-o-perch)

Junior Division-(7-13 years)-
(1)-Chris Iles-(8 yrs)-Hemphill, TX.........................15-lbs-5.8ozs-(sack-o-crappie)
(2)-Jeffrey Jeansonne-(9 yrs)-Nachitoches, LA....11-lbs-7.8ozs-(catfish & perch)
(3)-Erica Williams-(7 yrs)-Hemphill, TX..................2-lbs-2.4ozs-(bass & perch)
(4)-Dalton Varnado-(9 yrs)-Bridge City, TX..........5-lbs-10.4ozs-(sack-o-perch)

Advanced Division-(14 - 17 years)-
(1)-Cody Clayton-16 yrs)-Beaumont, TX...............8-lbs-15.4ozs-(4 bass)
(2)-Jamie Price-17 yrs)- Fayetteville, TX.................6-lbs-1oz-(4 bass)
(3)-Kody Blancet-(14 yrs)- LaPort, TX....................4-lbs-3.2ozs-(3 bass)
(4)-Matt Lambert-(16 yrs)-Livingston, TX.............1-lb-8.6ozs-(1 bass)

All fish were live released at the tournament site by the children-("honest")-.

Next Lil' Buddy tournament will be at April Plaza Marina, Lake Conroe on August 14, 1999.

For more information on how you can become a participant or sponsor of this family oriented event, as well as info on other Southeast Texas B.A.S.S. Federation programs, contact Youth Director, Gary Smith, at Home-(409)-786-3092 -or- Work-(409)-745-5979.



15.58 Crappie - Chris Iles

Jeansonne - Perch - 2nd

Winners All!

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