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Tournament Pathfinder
by John Presley

During the past two months fishing on Sam Rayburn has been really hot. The rainy weather that we have received in June and July has kept the water cool and the fish very active. The lake also has held up close to normal pool most of this time. Its been a long time since you could fish bushes in the summertime on Big Sam. The bass seem to be holding in or around several different kinds of structure. You can catch them on the shoreline grass early and late on top water baits such as a buzz bait, Storm Chug Bugs, and baby and tiny torpedoes. Some of the best colors I have been using on the topwaters are clear, chrome blue back, chrome black back and baby bass colors. The other bait that has worked well this summer around the bushes and grass is the Zoom Trick worm fished wacky style. The best colors to use are plum-apple, watermelon, redbug, or watermelon red. The wacky worm has also been really consistent worked in 7 to 15 foot of water around isolated grass beds. If you like worm fishing Sam Rayburn has been great this summer for worm fishing. The standard Texas rig has been the best in my opinion. Work it around the 5 to 10 foot shore grass and the 8 to 15 foot grass lines.

My guide parties have caught some great fish up to 8 pounds using the Texas rig worm this summer. The best worms have been a 7 inch bandit tail worm made by Ring Rascal, rigged with a 3/16 or _ ounce weight on 17 pound Silver Thread line. The most productive colors are plum, plumapple and red bloodline. The Carolina rig also has been producing in 15 to 20 foot of water but my fishing parties have done better on the Texas rig. This month you can also catch fish on deep diving crankbait if you like to fish them over the grass. Some of the bigger fish are caught this way using Norman DD22, and DD14 in shad and chartreuse color patterns. If you like to catch schooling bass Big Sam has the best and the whole family can enjoy catching them. In the past few weeks we have seen several school fish working the bait fish in the mouth and very back parts of the creeks. A good way to catch these fish is to use a shad colored Zoom Fluke. I like to use a 5/0 Mustad hook with a small split shot weight about 8 inches from the bait. White and pearl have been good colors. The top water baits that are working well on the schooling fish are clear Baby Torpedoes and clear Boy Howdys. When the fish go down throw a _ ounce Rattle Traps in chrome blue back and chrome black back into the schooling area to come up with a fish. The schooling activity is just getting heated up so in the next couple of months come and enjoy some great family fun. If you haven't been to Big Sam lately your missing out on some of the best fishing in what we call gods country for bass fisherman. I would like to thank the Southeast Texas B.A.S.S. Federation Lil' Buddy Circuit for putting on two great tournaments this year on Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend. This is a tournament designed for the kids. It starts with a beginners group ages 3 to 6 years old, a junior division ages 7-13 and a advanced division 14 to 17. This is a great family event for the whole family and memories that will last forever. It is really something to see those future fishermen and fisher-women lining up at the weigh in line with there bags of fish. Some of them having huge bags of sun perch others with white perch and catfish and limits of bass. All of this takes place in a half day tournament from 6 AM till 12 noon. This is a tournament that everyone comes out a winner. The last two tournaments have had a great turnout. But more fishermen should get involved and their kids involved in. I would like to congratulate the two little buddies that I took out in the Sam Rayburn tournament on both their 2nd place finishes in their divisions. They are Cody Clayton 16 of Beaumont TX, and Chantz Pryor 10 of Jasper TX and another high five to Cody Clayton on his 1st place finish when he was my little buddy at the Toledo Bend Tournament on July 10th. The next Little Buddy tournament will be on Lake Conroe on August 14. For more information on how you can become a sponsor of little buddy and on fish the next tournament, call B.A.S.S. youth director Gary Smith at home 409-786-3092 or work 409-745-5979.

By the way when I am not fishing tournaments I am a full-time fishing guide on Lake Sam Rayburn. If you would like to book a trip please call me at 409-698-9713 or Ann's Tackle Shop at 409-384-7685.

Good Luck and Good Fishing.

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