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5 Bass/17.73 LbsTakes Amateur/Team At Toledo
By Ed Snyder

Mega-Bite Nails 9.35 Lb "Kicker" -

Anglers Choice East Texas Amateur Team Series
Saturday, July 17, 1999, Frontier Park Marina, Texas.

'We mainly worked some southlake grass for most of the day to catch our limit, stated the Amateur team which had just weighed-in a 5 bass/17.73 lb catch, "then we decided to head to a spot just north of the Pendleton Bridge where we managed to catch 2 more bass from a 12' grass-patch before heading in for weigh-in with a 9.35 lb lunker from a 2:15pm bite which "kicked" our weight up to the top of the leaderboard.

"HOT" Summery weather with "HOT" southeasterly winds set the pace for this day as 62 Amateur teams launched from Frontier Park Marina to fish Toledo Bend Lake, and, as most anglers were to find plenty of bass, it was to be "tuff" trying to find the better bass which would push the their weights to the upper leaderboard slots. Finding the "kicker" bass for the heavier digitals was to become the key for winning this event as one team managed to do just that with a 2:15pm bite which put that "little bit extra" on the scale for winning this event.

"Plum crazy Culprits and a 1 oz black/brown/amber Mega-bite jigs with watermelon/redflake Larew Craws, put our fish in our well, stated Chad Pruitt and Craig Strickland as they told of running their Bullet/Mercury bass-rig down to Housen Bay grass. "We fished with Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 80# Spider and 20# Big Game, informed Craig, explaining that they worked 1 oz Mega-Bite jigs and Culprit worms along 12'-14' Housen Bay grass-lines for most of the day. "Then we decided to try one of our big bass holes up above the Pendleton Bridge, informed Pruitt, "where, he further told, "after working a 12' outside grass-edge, we managed to catch 2 more bass, of which one was a 9.35 lb lunker which hit Craig's Mega-Bite at 2:15pm. Pruitt and Strickland managed to put a 5 bass/17.73 lb weight on the scale for a 1st place payday of $900 -plus- another $300 for their 9.35 lb "overall".

"You had to be on your toes today, explained Larry Plunk and Rick Edwards who had just took the 2nd place slot with a 5 bass/12.42 lb weight. "The bass were slammin' the baits kinda' "HARD", they continued to inform as they told of how they fished from their Ranger/Mercury bass-rig with Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 10/50 Spider, while working 1/2 oz black/blue/purple Oldham jigs with plum Larew Craws and flippin' straight smoke/green/orange Hawg Craws around 12'-15' Six Mile humps with scattered grass-clumps. "We had a good all-day bite, they further explained, as they told of how the bass would "SLAM" the baits on the fall "REALLY HARD" and if you weren't ready for it you'd miss a bunch of them, just like we did! But their misses the 2nd place team managed to catch enough bass for netting a $700 bass-check as well as another $120 for a 3rd place big bass of 3.72 lbs

Top 5 Amateur Teams;
1-Chad Pruitt/Craig Strickland............................5 bass/17.73 lbs-$900
2-Larry Plunk/Rick Edwards................................5 bass/12.42 lbs-$700
3-Mary Granger/David Katcher..........................5 bass/11.99 lbs-$510
4-Donnie Robinson/Juanita Robinson..............4 bass/11.25 lbs-$435
5-Kerney Briscoe/Corey Briscoe........................5 bass/10.99 lbs-$385

Overall Big Bass-(9.35 lbs)-Craig Strickland/Chad Pruitt-$300

All Bass were live released by the Shimano/SRA-LA Fish Recovery Krewe with 131 bass weighing 270 lbs.

For more information on this, as well as other Anglers Choice Tournament events, contact Tournament Director, Randy Knight, at (409)-694-7634 -or- Johnny Davis at (817-326-5821.

Tournament sponsors; BassCat, Mercury, Diehard, Gary Yamato Custom Baits, MotorGuide, T-H Marina, Big Foot, Please Release Me, Ramada Inn Jasper, Holiday Inn Express Jasper, Cedar Tree Restaurant, Capt. Kirk's Marine.

9.35# AC - Amateur

Top 5

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