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Davy Hite Takes Classic With 55 Lbs-10 ozs
By Ed Snyder

-Denny Brauer Lands 2nd with 45 Lbs-11 ozs-

-----29th BASSMaster World Classic -----
Saturday, July 31, 1999, Mississippi River Delta, New Orleans, LA.

" Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler " -(let the good times roll)-

"Bayou Buck was where I caught them, stated the Prosperity, SC, Pro as he began to answer the probing questions that everyone in the World of Fishing wanted to read about as Davy Hite just "whomped" the Classic Tournament field by almost 10 lbs with a 15 bass catch weighing 55 lbs-10 ozs.

Not since Andrew Jackson "whupped" the Britts at the Battle Of New Orleans has so much excitement been generated around the historical Mississippi Delta region of Louisiana, and as the sounds of the bayou country, once filled from the long ago "echo" of bugals, drums, and battle, woke to a new echo of "Anglers, start your engines", another "Battle of New Orleans" begun to etch its mark within the annals of Bayou History as 45 of our Nations "best" BASSMaster's launched to do battle within the "Essence of Louisiana". Billed as the "Show of Shows", or the "Superbowl of Bass Fishing", the BASSMaster World Classic would prove to be everything that it was touted to be "and then some" as "World Class Anglers", competed in a "World Class Fishery", within site of a "World Class City" to become a "World Class Champion".

(DAY-1)- Knoxville, TN, Bass/Pro, Jack L. Wade surprised everyone with his mid-tourny weigh-in of 5 bass/16 lb-13oz "Ninja-Jig" catch taking the 1st day lead away from Micky Bruce's 5 bass/16 lb-10oz "Stanley-Jig" catch, slipping the Buford GA, Pro to a 2nd place lead . Both anglers were fishing patches of shallow vegetation that were 100 miles upstream from the launch-site. Mickey Bruce's "kicker" bass of 5 lbs-7ozs held as the 1st day Big Bass. Prosperity SC, Bass/Pro, Davy Hite, flipped Gambler junebug soft plastics and cranked black/yellow homemade shallow draft hardbaits to catch a 3rd place lead with his 5 bass/16 lbs-9oz catch.

(DAY-2)-Prosperity SC, Bass/Pro, Davy Hite, intimidated the 2nd day weigh-in with a "whopping" 5 bass/19 lbs-13oz catch, giving him an incredible 2 day total of 10 bass/35 lbs-12 ozs for a step up from 3rd to 1st. Davy Hite kept to his 1st day pattern "but, used his Gambler soft plastics more as he continued to fish an area that he knew was holding some good "quality" bass. Ron Shuffield, of Bismark AR, managed to step up from 6th to 2nd with his Stanley Jig & "Spike-It" chunks catch of 5 bass/16 lb-0 ozs, caught from a shallow grass-patch some 80 miles up-stream. Micky Bruce slipped from 2nd to 3rd with his 5 bass/12 lb-1oz catch for a total of 10 bass/28 lbs-11ozs but stated that he would just keep on fishin' to see what kind of weight that he could place on the final day scale. And with an advantage of 2 more hours of fishing time given to the anglers for their final day efforts, "it could very well still be anyones ballgame!!"

(DAY-3)-As the Big Boy's were struggling through their final day of competition, the Little Anglers were being recognized with $5,000 scholarships as they were honored as the 1999 National Casting Kids Champions. "Over "ONE MILLION" youngsters from all across our nation have competed in this kids event for the past eight years, stated the B.A.S.S. Director, "and these kids have had to beat over 160,000 other kids to get here this year to be able to compete as a National Champion. "So, he noted with pride, these two winners can safely be recognized as being the best of our National Casting Kids.

1999 Casting Kids National Champions;
(7 to 10 age group)- 14 year old Emily Hedrick of Lexington, NC.
(11 to 14 age group)- 10 year old C. J. Shirie of Talladega, AL.

As the last of the BASSMasters were being paraded into the SuperDome with their final day efforts, an estimated crowd of over 40,000 spectators were to witness an exciting Classic finish that would involve "1998 Defending World Champion", Denny Brauer of Camdenton MO, "1983 Classic Champion", Larry Nixon of Bee Branch AR, and "1997 Angler of the Year" Davy Hite of Prosperity SC. And as the final bass were pulled from the live-well, the ecstatic tension within the SuperDome reached its explosive ignition point as Stage-Master, Hank Parker, called 19 lbs-14ozs, giving Davy Hite of Prosperity SC, a solid Classic win of 55 lbs-10ozs, Denny Brauer a "runner-up" 2nd place finish with 17 lbs-9ozs for a total of 45 lbs-11ozs, and Larry Nixon a 3rd place title for his 15 lb-6oz catch for a finish of 43 lbs-14ozs.

"Although I had a good prefish period, stated Davy Hite, "I still knew that I needed to find a spot which was holding quality bass, "and I found that spot in a very unusual way, Davy informed as he began to unravel his "incredible" Classic win that would put his weight almost 10 lbs above the rest of the tournament field. "I was actually just checking an area out, Davy explained, "when I spotted that it had some dead bass floating which were in the 3 to 5 lb class, so I moved in and located some structure that was holding more of these quality bass and started fishing a plum colored Gambler "Bacon-Fry" soft plastic bait, as I used a Daiwa 7 & 1/2' flippin' stick to work the edges of a 2'-3' shallow water area which had clumps of Duckweed and Hydrilla patches, Davy Hite informed, further telling of how he had to run 100 miles daily to get to his fishing water. "And I believe that the extra 2 hours of fishing that we had today gave me the advantage, Davy explained as he hefted his 1999 World Classic Champion Trophy. Davy Hite managed to come from a 3rd place position to win the Classic by catching-5 bass/16 lbs-9ozs-5 bass/19 lbs-3ozs-and 5 bass/19 lbs-14 ozs for a total of 15 bass/55 lbs-10 ozs to win the 1999 BASSMaster World Classic as well as the $100,000 BASSCheck.
-(special note- the "Bacon-Fry" is a bait developed by BASSLegend, Basil Bacon and produced by Gambler Baits)-

"Boy, gushed Denny Brauer, "I certainly appreciate you fans "this is absolutley awesome", praised the 1998 Classic Champion who had just weighed-in a 5 bass/17 lb-9oz bag of "bayou bass", and after the huge SuperDome crowd finally calmed back down to normal sound levels, Denny began to ease into the pattern that managed to grab his 2nd place Classic finish. "This is probably one of the best tournaments that i've ever fished thoughout my whole career, Denny informed, further stating that he really didn't find a whole lot of bass, but just went out and worked his water at tide change -(key-words)-with black/blue 1/2 oz Strike King Pro-Model jigs with small prototype black/blue plastic crawfish trailers until I managed to find some bass, "where, I then just kinda' expanded on that pattern as I spent my three days using a Daiwa flippin' stick and Daiwa reels spooled with 25# Stren mono while working the grass-clumps. Denny Brauer managed to step-up from 5th to 2nd by catching-5 bass/14 lbs-4ozs-5 bass/13 lbs-14ozs-and 5 bass/17 lbs-9ozs for a total of 15 bass/45 lbs-11ozs.

"This was a good tournament for me, stated Larry Nixon, "but, I really didn't find any fish while I was prefishing, as I thought I had some fish spotted, but they dried up on me. "But on Tuesday, Larry explained, "I managed to find a little weed-line and figured out the right bait as I tied on a Strike King jig with a little Berkely Power Worm, and went to work on them catching my 5 lb big bass of the day right off the bat, but then had to struggle the rest of the day after the wind died down. Larry Nixon managed to come up from 16th place by catching- 5 bass/10 lbs-5 bass/18 lbs-8ozs-and 5 bass/15 lbs-6ozs for a total of 15 bass/43 lbs-14ozs.

Top 10 Classic Winners-(Final)-
1-Davy Hite, Prosperity, SC.......................................15 bass/55 lbs-10 ozs-$100,000
2-Denny Brauer, Camdenton, MO.............................15 bass/45 lbs-11 ozs-$40,000
3-Larry Nixon, Bee Branch, AR..................................15 bass/43 lbs-14 ozs-$15,000
4-Gary Klein, Weatherford, TX..................................15 bass/42 lbs-10 ozs-$9,000
5-Ron Shuffield, Bismarck, AR...................................15 bass/40 lbs-04 ozs-$6,500
6-Michael Iaconelli, Runnemede, NJ.........................15 bass/39 lbs-12 ozs-$6,000
7-Mark Rizk, Redding, CA..........................................15 bass/38 lbs-10 ozs-$5,500
8-Kevin VanDam, Kalamazoo, MI.............................15 bass/37 lbs-13 ozs-$5,500
9-Jack L. Wade, Knoxville, TN..................................15 bass/37 lbs-12 ozs-$5,500
10-Mickey Bruce, Buford, GA...................................15 bass/37 lbs-3 ozs-$5,500

1st Day Big Bass-(5 lbs-7ozs)-Mickey Bruce, Buford, GA.-$1,000
2nd Day Big Bass-(5 lbs-10 ozs)-Davy Hite, Prosperity, SC.-$1,000
3rd Day Big Bass-(5 lbs-0 ozs)-Larry Nixon, Bee Branch, AR.-$1,000

Talk about going "NUTS" Classic spectator, John BoBo, of Vidalia, LA, came to watch the Classic and managed to go home with a $30,000 Ranger Bass Boat -(an exact image of the Classic rigs)-as his name was drawn from a special "FREE" drawing at the Classic.

All Classic Tournament bass were recovered and live released by the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Dept; with 196 bass weighing 448 lbs for a final three day total of 578 bass weighing 1, 219 lbs.

And as the BASSMasters Classic -"Louizian style"- wrapped up its 1999 event, the haunting cry of Cajun VooDoo Queen, Marie LeBeaux, could be heard "echoing" from deep within Bayou Country as she said her goodbye....."AYyyyiiiieeeeeeee".

The 1999 New Orleans BASSMasters Classic will be aired on The Nashville Network September 25, 1999.(check your local listings for times)-

"Many Thanks" goes out to the Louisiana B.A.S.S. Federation Club Members who donated their time and expertise for tournament support and shuttle services given for the operations of the 1999 Classic. As Bass/Pro, Larry Nixon, stated for all to hear, "These guys provided the "best service" and were the "funnest" people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. "Kudo's & Applauds" for the LA, B.A.S.S. Federation.

For more information on this, as well as other BASSMaster tournament events contact MarJean Corkran-(B.A.S.S. Media)-at (334)-272-9530- or clic-to <>

1999 BASSMaster World Classic Sponors; Ranger Boats, Ranger Trail Trailers, Mercury Outboards, K-Mart, AC Delco Batteries, Pennzoil Marine, Humminbird, Zercom Marine, Jerzees, Wrangler Rugged Wear, FlowMaster, Plano Tackle Systems, MotorGuide, "and" The City of New Orleans.


Priority - Davy Hite - Winner

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