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"Reaction Wacky" Takes Rayburn "Gold"
By Ed Snyder

Sealy Outdoors $150,000 "Open Team Splash" Circuit.
Sunday, August 1, 1999, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"We worked Reaction Lure Wacky Fry's to win this event, stated the father & son team which had just collected $TEN GRAND$ for catching a first place weight of 5 bass/17.70 lbs. The angling duo were among the 130 teams who competed for some "guaranteed" cash payouts of $29, 750 that would be awarded to the top 25 team teams, which included the top 3 big bass.

In this final event for the Sealy Outdoors "Go For the Gold" Team Splash tournaments of the 1999 season, Bob Sealy's Rayburn tournament drew 130 teams which launched into Rayburn waters to search for, and catch, a 5 bass limit of bass that would have enough weight to win them some "hefty" folding cash, as well as to help them qualify for the 1999 Team Splash Championship to be held as a split lake event. October 9th would launch them into Lake Toledo Bend for day one competition to be weighed-in at Cypress Bend Resort, and October 10th would launch them onto Sam Rayburn waters for weigh-in at Twin Dikes Marina.

As "hot" as the day was for this event was as "hot" as the fishing was to be as good weights were to be weighed, tabulated and collected by the Jasper State Hatchery Fishery Biologist team which were recovering the Rayburn bass to be transported to Alabama's Auburn University for testing purposes. "We've managed to collect 40 to 45 live bass in the 2 to 4 lb range, stated lake area Fisheries Biologist, Todd Driscoll, as he informed the crowd that they were to be transported to the Auburn "U" facillity where they would undergo three months of tests that would attempt to recognize an ailment which has been affecting the eastern strain of bass. "Auburn "U" has discovered a new type of fish virus that seems to effect the air bladders of bass, explained Todd,"and as the Rayburn, Fork, Toledo, and other Texas area lakes seem to have the same symptons which are causing likewise bass die-off's in the eastern lakes, "we're hopeful that we should know something on this very soon, Todd announced to the crowd, "so we can start developing an anti-virus remedy which we hope will eliminate this difficult problem.-("Words of "hopefull" approval was heard from the crowd of concerned anglers.)-

"Triton/Mercury bass-rigs put us on our spot, noted Roy and Trent Pharis after weighing in a 5 bass/17.70 lb stringer which held for a first place win. "But, the new Reaction Lure "Wacky-Fry" fished carolina style along southlake 10'-16' scattered grass, put our bass in the live-well. The Father & Son team worked Castaway rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with Berkely BG-20# mono, as their mid-day bite on red-bug frys managed to put 15 to 16 bass on-line for culling their winning weight, as well as for landing them a $10,000 payday for a 5 bass/17.70 lb catch.

"BassCat/Mariner "tuff", answered Ramon Raines and Dean Wood, as they told of fishing with Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with Berkely BG-15# mono. "We fished carolina rigged Zoom watermelon worms off of southlake 12' drops which had brushy edges, informed the team which had just won a 2nd place catch of 5 bass/16.30 lbs and a check for $5,000. "We had an allday bite for 5 bass, stated Trent, further adding that their big bite came at noon.

"Southlake drop-off's with brushy edges, stated Bill Guillery as he informed of how his team partner, John Knutson, caught the big bass of the day from a 16'-23' dropoff. "John's big bass hit at 8:am on a watermelon Zoom "Super Fluke", Bill further informed as his partner collected the $1,000 check for the overall tournament big bass.

Top 5 Teams;
1-Roy Pharis/Trent Pharis.......................................5 bass/17.70 lbs-$10,000
2-Ramon Raines/Dean Wood.................................5 bass/16.30 lbs-$5,000
3-Bill Guillory/John Knutson..................................5 bass/16.11 lbs-$3,500-(6.74- 1st big bass)
4-Brandon Lovelace/Brandon Shumake...............5 bass/16.03 lbs-$1,500-(6.52- 2nd big bass)
5-Max Hawthorne/William Hawthhorne...............5 bass/16.29 lbs-$1,750

Overall tournament big bass-(6.74 lbs)-John Knutson/Bill Guillory-$1,000

Most bass were live released at Twin Dikes Marina with 40 bass weighing 2 to 4 lbs lbs collected by Texas Parks & Wildlife Fisheries Personel for live shipment to Alabama's Auburn "U" for testing. A total of 323 bass were caught weighing 779 lbs.

This tournament paid out $29,750 in cash awards for the top 25 positions which included the top 3 big bass slots-

For more information on this, as well as other Sealy Outdoor events, contact (409)-698-2591 -or- clic to- <> -or- <>

Tournament Sponsors are; Triton Boats-Johnson Outboards-Shimano-Academy-McCoy's-Reaction Lures-Latch Oil Co-Lufkin Marine-The Stump Restaurant-Piney Point Plaza-

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