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By: Sue Crochet

Wow! It sure is hot out there right now and the bass fishing is pretty darned slow ... for me anyway! Oh, I'm sure someone is catching fish, but I haven't had much luck in the last two tournaments I've fished in.

First, my husband and I fished in the July Anglers Choice Couples event on Toledo Bend and went to the scales with only three fish for all our efforts. This did help us to maintain our points for the October Championship, which will be held on the Red River, but we were sure glad when this one was over with.

Then, my team fishing partner, Barbara Williams, and I fished the third Bassin'..Her Style tournament of the 1999 season, which was held on the Red River out of Shreveport, LA at the end of July. We spent two practice days and two tournament days in over 100-degree temperatures and I don't mind telling you, I haven't been that HOT in a very long time. There was virtually no place on the river to get out of the sun and, even though we had plenty of water and ice in the boat, we were more than ready to get this tournament behind us.

In spite of the heat, the Bassin'..Her Style crew and the Shreveport Regional Sports Authority made the tournament very special. On the evening of the first day of practice, a reception was held in honor of the anglers. Everyone fishing in the event was presented with a soft-side cooler, stuffed full of goodies. While snacking on refreshments, we had a very nice time catching up on the lives of friends we hadn't seen in a little while.

The first day of the tournament was led by Jan Hudson of Harrison, AR. Fishing alone and having had no opportunity to fish the river prior to cut-off, Jan used her river-fishing skills to bring 9.11 pounds to the scales. Jan later told me that she just did what she knows to do on a river such as this one ... crankbait the wingdams. She also reported that at least six of her crankbaits are still lodged in the rocks and her trolling motor had some damage because of getting too close.

Although the weather changed very little from day to day, the current on the main river decreased with each day. This may have given the final day leaders a slight edge. Well-known pros Sherrie Brubaker (Westlake, LA) and Sherry Glasgow (Muskogee, OK) came from behind to take first place honors. Unlike most of the other teams, these girls said they caught most of their fish Carolina-rigging plastics, just "running and gunning" up and down the river. This awesome pair has teamed up to win two of the three Bassin'..Her Style events this year, which makes them the team to beat!

Connie Bales, 22-year bass-fishing veteran and Director of this circuit, has teamed up with Johnnie Davis (President and Founder of Angler's Choice) to provide ladies with yet another means of expanding and showing off their bass-fishing skills. When Bass 'N Gal closed their doors in 1998, Connie spent several months talking with other women who previously fished the circuit to see what kind of tour they would like to have. Ultimately, the "team" concept was born ... a very appealing and untapped marked ... for women only.

There are a number of positives associated with the team-fishing concept, but the one that appeals to most anglers is the sharing of expenses. If you've ever fished professionally, you know how expensive it can be just to operate a boat, vehicle, and pay hotel expenses for however many days you'll be gone. Not to mention the tournament entry fee and numerous other minor expenses, which tend to add up over a few days. Fishing as a team means cutting your expenses in half!

This year's fourth and final Bassin'..Her Style event will be held on Toledo Bend on September 18-19 (practice days Sept. 16-17). The tournament launch site and housing area is Frontier Park, located just across the Pendleton Bridge, on the Texas side of the lake. Anyone interested in fishing the tournament can contact Connie Bales at (512) 331-8736. She will be more than happy to send information and/or entry forms to you. Connie can also be reached on the Internet at

Grab a partner and come join us!

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