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"Lessons of the Tourism Dollar"

When asked to stand up to represent those who were attending the 29th BASSMasters World Classic from the local level, approximately 20% of the estimated crowd of 40,000 spectators arose to the cheers of the BASS fans. And when the "other" spectators were asked to rise and be counted for those who had arrived from out of town to attend the event, the Louisiana SuperDome in New Orleans seemed to shudder and vibrate from those BASS fans who represented approximately 80% of the visiting public.

This simple jesture by the BASSMaster officials on the final weigh-in day of the Classic probably "stamped" the importance of the fishing industry dollar more so than anything else which had occured during the weeklong coordination and operation of the 29th BASSMasters Classic which was held in New Orleans, LA, during the week of July 25th-thru-31st, of 1999. Along with its five day long BASSMaster Outdoor show held at the Moreau Convention Center, the financial impact on the local economy was "boosted" by a very healthy income which included moneys spent by Out of Town visitors, BASS-Contestants, BASS-Staff, and BASS-Show exhibitors. Although the bottom line is still out for the New Orleans event, the previous Classic held in North Carolina drew an income of over 11.43 "$-Million-Dollars-$".

On a "much smaller" scale, our lake area incomes are ballanced much in the same way as when major tournament events visit our lake areas where moneys are spent by visiting anglers on gas-food-tackle-marine/auto repairs-lodging-entertainment-and personal items, as the average angler will spend upwards to $150 a day on their tournament fishing needs.

Bass Die-off question may now have an answer;
A note of importance to our Toledo Bend and Rayburn bass anglers, which concerns the problem of bass die off's in these lake areas, is that this problem may be caused from a bass virus which has been attacking the air bladders of adult Largemouth Bass. According to Texas Fisheries Biologist, Todd Driscoll, Alabama's, Auburn University, which has one of the finest fishery research centers in the Nation, has been able to isolate a new virus that has been affecting the bass populations of eastern lake systems. The virus attacks the air bladder's of the bass, which weakens and bloats the bladder, causing the bass to lose its normal bouyancy as it floats to the surface. As The bass can't regain its bouyancy for swimming back down, it dies. This now makes sense to most as these same symptons have been noted with our bass populations. The Texas Fishery Biologist's have been busy collecting live samples of 2 to 4 lb bass which are being sent to the Auburn University Fishery research center for study. The tests are expected to take from 2 to 3 months before any results are made public. The LakeCaster will report the findings as soon as they are made public.

From: "Alan Allen"
DEER MANAGEMENT 101 - From the Ground Up! Sept. 21-23
Rudder Conference Center-TAMU-College Station

The 21st is registration & exhibits.The 22nd includes at least 9 expert speakers and 5 breakout sessions for different ecological areas of Texas--and an evening session on "High Fences-Implications for Management".The 23rd boasts 10 experts, including Steve Demarais on age, nutrition and genetic influences on antler growth; James Kroll on harvest strategies,and Fred Bryant on managing whole systems vs. individual species. And there are sections on TPWD's deer permit systems, marketing your hunting operation, and deer management in the next millennium. Cost is $100 if paid before Sept. 6. For info call Dr. Billy Higginbotham at 903/834-6191; or

Crappie Re-stock Program;
Over the years, the Louisiana Toledo Bend Lake Assn; has been hard at work raising funds and working with the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Dept; for the restocking of Florida Bass fry into Toledo Bend waters. To date, Toledo has received over 10 million bass fry from a joint operation of Texas and Louisiana bass restock programs. "NOW" the LTBLA has initiated a Crappie restocking program which is sure to win popular support by the fishing public. "So far we have raised $1,400 for the purchase of Crappie fingerlings, stated LTBLA member, Louis Vedrine, and we will welcome any other private, organizational,or corporate donations that would help in the purchase of more Crappie. The "first ever" Crappie re-stock for Lake Toledo Bend will be introduced in October. For more information this important project and how you might be able to donate to it- contact-Dave Whitney-(318)-256-0967 -or- Louis Vedrine-(318)-256-9137.

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