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Of Bass and Gals
by Sue Crochet

It's getting to be that time of the year when the hunters in this part of the country are more interested in getting their duck blinds, deer stands, food plots, and all those kinds of things ready for the upcoming hunting season. These lovers of the great outdoors are often torn between their passion for hunting and their love of fishing, but the urge to hunt takes over.

This is evident by the decreased activity on the area lakes ... and that's just the way we die-hard anglers like it! I enjoy being in the woods and sitting around the campfire at the deer lease, but October and November bring some of the best fishing of the entire year. If the conditions are right, I won't usually have a very hard time deciding where I'd prefer to be!

With fewer people on the lake, I won't have to share some of my favorite spots with tons of other people. Additionally, with less fishing pressure and slightly cooler temperatures, largemouth bass will usually be much shallower and much more active. Avid anglers are just as likely to catch the largest bass of their lives in the fall and early winter months, as in the springtime months.

This is an excellent time of the year to take a youngster in the boat with you. Temperatures are much more bearable and bass chasing large schools of shad are likely to hit just about anything you throw at them. Dependent upon the age and fishing experience of the child, I suggest no more than a couple of hours on the lake with them. Even teenagers become bored after a couple of hours, no matter how good the fishing is.

What about hunting? Well, just so you don't think I've got a one-track mind, I did ask my husband to get me a rifle a couple of years ago. I've been spending a little more time on the deer stand each year, but I'm one of those midday and late evening hunters. I don't have any problem at all getting up on a cold morning and getting into a boat, but I still can't make myself sit in a deer stand that early!

Although I haven't had the opportunity to set my sights on a deer yet, my tripod sits in a beautiful area of the woods. I've seen squirrels, hogs (big ones and little ones), a doe feeding right under my stand (before deer season was open), and ... taken lots of great NAPS! More than anything, I enjoy the change of pace ... getting away from phones, television, chores at home, and the many other things we allow to clutter up our lives.

Whether it's fishing or hunting, I'd like to challenge you ladies to try it. It's important for wives/girlfriends to spend time doing things their husbands/boyfriends love to do, even if it's not for the "catch" or the "kill". And what's more encouraging, is that many men encouraging their significant others do these things, whether it's together or with other women! Most importantly, it's time well spent ... enjoying the wonderful things of nature God has given us.

Until next time, see you on the lake! ... or maybe in the woods.

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