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Anglers of the Year "Nail" Rayburn's AC-Team Final
By Jim Franklin


Anglers Choice East Texas Team- Central Division Circuit
Sunday, August 22, 1999, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"We worked scattered grass patches with centipede's, stated the Anglers Choice Team who had just weighed-in enough points to capture the "Anglers of the Year" honors for the East Texas Circuit. Both anglers had been fishing against hundereds of other teams all year long to win this position, and after catching 50 bass today to cull a 5 bass/12.88 lb win, they pretty well earned their honored "top spot".

Anglers Choice East Texas team finals greeted 35 teams into "mild" dog-day conditions, and with periodic light breezes and partly cloudy skys coupled with August heat temps in the upper 90's, the bass bite was to become dominated by carolina rigged watermelon centipede's. With falling lake levels, lack of rain, and "hot" temperatures merging with the fact that the anglers were able to wrestle up 88 Rayburn Bucketmouths from such tough fishing conditions, this would become testament to the skills of those anglers as they weighed-in over 194 lbs of bass.

The "Anglers of the Year" combination, of Ricky Potts and Terry Burghart, proved to be the dominating force behind this tournament win as they maneuvered their Skeeter/Yamaha around southlake grass-patches to catch and cull a 5 bass/12.88 lb winning weight. "We fished with Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15# P-line, stated the 1st place team as they informed of working 8'-14' scattered grass edges with carolina rigged watermelon/seed centipede's for an all day bite of 50 bass. The team showed their tenacity for catching the numbers from which they were able to cull their top weight from, as well as catching the 2nd place big bass of 4.44 lbs from a 11:am big bite..

The second place duo of David Mauldin and Gordon Casey used a combination of crankbaits and carolina rigs to catch their limit. Fishing from the deck of their Mercury powered BassCat, the team worked mean-green cranks, and dragged watermelon centipede's using Castaway/Falcon rods and Quantum/Shimano reels spooled with Trilene mono, while fishing 8'-10' southlake grass. "We spiked our baits with lizard oil which really seemed to make the difference, stated the 2nd place duo who weighed-in a 1:30 to 2:30 p:m bite of 5 bass/11.98 lbs.

"We tandem fished with carolina rigged watermelon flukes and tennessee shad crankbaits, stated Brian White and Paul Gray, as they told of catching a 5 bass/11.38 lb weight good enough for a 3rd place finish. The bassin' team ran to southlake 8'-10' grass patterns in their Fisher/Mercury bass-rig as they worked Castaway rods and Garcia reels spooled with Excell line. "Our day had a 6:am to 7:am bite that put an early limit in our well, stated the 3rd place anglers who claimed a big bite at 10:am.

"Texas rigged red-bloodline worms and "Kistler Rods" put our "overall" tournament big bass on the scale, stated Mike Cortelloni as he informed of team partner Stephen Johnston catching the 4.48 lb bass from a southlake "grass-patch".

1999 Anglers Choice East Texas Team Anglers of the Year- Ricky Potts/Terry Burghart.

Top 5 East Texas Teams;
1-Ricky Potts/Terry Burghart............................5 bass/12.88 lbs-$1,235
2-David Mauldin/Gordon Casey.......................5 bass/11.98 lbs-$615
3-Brian Wright/Paul Gray...................................5 bass/11.38 lbs-$525
4-Bob Barnes/Sam Fling.....................................5 bass/11.12 lbs-$425
5-Nick Albus/Edwin Loitz..................................5 bass/11.03 lbs-$355

Overall Big Bass-(4.48 lbs)-Stephen Johnston/Mike Cortelloni-$210

All bass were live released by the Anglers Choice live release team with 88 bass weighing 194 lbs.

For more information on this, as well as other Anglers Choice Tournament events, contact Randy Knight at (409)694-7634 -or- Johnny Davis at (817)-326-5821.

Tournament Sponsors; BassCat-Mercury-Diehard-Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits-MotorGuide-T-H-Marine Supplies-Please Release Me-Big Foot-Ramada Inn Jasper-Holiday Inn Express Jasper-Needmore Tackle-Capt. Kirk's Marine-Cedar Tree Restaurant-

Terry Burghart & Ricky Potts display their 1st place win

Mike Cortelloni shows Johnston's 4.48 "overall"
< photos by Jim Franklin >

Top 3 teams- 1st kneeling-2n-3rd-rear

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