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5 Bass/17.70 lbs Takes Rayburn N/E Bass-N-Bucks
By Ed Snyder

- 7 Lb "kickers" Share Big Bass Honors -

Bass -N- Bucks Team Circuit -Northeast Texas Division-
Sunday, August 29, 1999, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"We decided to go for broke today, stated the Longview/Beckville, TX, team which had just finalized their tournament with a 5 bass/17.70 lb catch, further adding that they must've caught 4 to 5 limits of bass, losing one 4 lb "chunk" at the boat just before heading in for their 3:pm weigh-in. The winning duo were among the 39 teams who scrambled for a Rayburn limit, and a final chance for a seat at the upcoming Bass-N-Bucks Team Championship.

Martin Creek in January, Lake Palestine in February, Lake Tyler in March, Lake Bob Sandlin in April, Lake of the Pines in May, back to Tyler in July and now, Lake Sam Rayburn in August, would finally wrap up the long season for the North East TX Division of the Bass-N-Bucks team tournament circuit. "We've had a good year, stated Tournament Director, Gary Turner, "and I'm sure that those who qualify after todays weigh-in for the upcoming Bass-N-Bucks Team Championship at Lake Sam Rayburn, will have a great time here on September 23-26.

As the 39 teams beached their craft for the 3:pm weigh-in deadline, the pleasures of fishing in more comfortable temps in the low 90's, with light northerly breezes, found most in good spirits as they weighed-in their final efforts of the Bass-N-Bucks tournament season.

"Skeeter/Yamaha got us there, answered Lyndel Pearson of Longview TX, and Larry Lovell of Beckville,TX. "We worked Shimano/G. Loomis/and Ambassadeur rods & Shimano reels spooled with 12# & 15# P-Line, they further informed as they told of fishing TX rigged junebug and watermelon/seed worms around southlake 10'-12' grass. "We must've caught 4 to 5 limits today, they added as they spoke of culling 2 lb bass to wrestle up a 5 bass/17.70 lb 1st place weight.

"Wiggle Warts and DD-14's, explained the team of Lance and Michael Lowery of Etoile TX, as they informed of running their Skeeter/Yamaha to mid-lake creekbends to fish Allstar rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with BigGame-15# mono. "We concentrated on working natural perch and shad colored cranks along the edges of brushtops, stated the father & son duo who managed to catch a 9:am til noon 12 bass bite for culling a 2nd place weight of 5 bass/14.75 lbs.

"We caught bass from "early" to 10:am, answered Mike Cortelloni of Many LA, stating that after 10:am they just "flat" quit biting. "But we managed to catch at least 8 keepers during that time, intruded team partner, Steven Johnston of Hemphill TX. "We found our fish while working Kistler rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15# Triple-Fish, they stated, further telling that they fished 8'-12' southlake grass with tx rigged redbug Reaction Toledo Ticklers and shad colored Strike King crankbaits. The Kistler rods and Capt. Kirk's Marine Team finished in 3rd with a 5 bass/14.15 lb catch.

"The 7.51 lb bass hit a carolina rigged watermelon Zoom worm at 6:30 a:m, informed Ramon Raines of Port Neches TX, as he explained how he and team partner, Dean Wood of Nederland TX, managed to catch the "overall" big bass of the tournament.

"Farmers Flats 8'-10' grass-patch, stated Bo Standly of Silsbee TX, as he informed of where he and team partner, Lesley McGowan wrangled up the 2nd big bass of 7.20 lbs while fishing a carolina rigged redbug finesse worm for an "early" bite.

1999 N/E TX Team Anglers of the Year"- James and Russ Carter of Longview TX.

Top 5 Teams;
1-Lyndel Pearson/Larry Lovell..........................5 bass/17.70 lbs
2-Lance Lowery/Michael Lowery.....................5 bass/14.75 lbs
3-Steven Johnston/Mike Cortelloni..................5 bass/14.15 lbs
4-Dick Letney/Billy Eddins................................5 bass/12.89 lbs
5-David Mathney/David Benson.....................5 bass/12.71 lbs

Overall Big Bass -(7.51 lbs)-Ramon Raines/Dean Wood
2nd big bass-(7.20 lbs)-Bo Standly/Lesley McGowan

For more information contact Gary Turner at (903)-566-8749

Tournament Sponsors; Champion Boats- Mercury Outboards- MotorGuide- Castaway- Costa Del Mar- Philpott Ford- American MortgageBanc- Riverside Lures- Check It Stik- Hawg Hustler Lures- Exide Batteries- McFerrin Insurance- Zercom Marine- Piney Point Plaza- Ramada Inn-

1st place team holds 1st place catch

Ramon Rains displays 7.51 "overall
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Front row-(L-R)-Big Bass-1st place-(rear-(L-R)-2nd and 3rd

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