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10 Bass/34.55 Lbs Wins Rayburn Bass-N-Bucks Championship
By Ed Snyder

By Ed Snyder/Lakecaster
- broken troll-motor pattern takes #1 spot -

Bass -N- Bucks East/Northeast Texas Team Circuit Championship
Sunday, September 26 , 1999, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"Our troll-motor broke down on us about 7:30, stated the Northeast Tx, team, "so we tied up to the nearest stump, and for 6 hours we just fan casted every blade of grass, stump, lump, hump,bush and ditch around us until we had completely "vacuumed" our fishing area of bass. The Northeast Tx, Bass-N-Bucks team had just managed to catch a 5 bass/21.40 lb "winning" weigh-in that would also include an 8.27 lb big bass of the day for a total Championship win of $28,730.

This was a Championship event that would involve the top point leaders from the East and Northeast Texas Team circuits of the Bass-N-Bucks Team Tournament Trails. The top team anglers of the East Tx, circuit managed to compete on the scheduled lakes of Sam Rayburn, Richland Chambers, LakeToledo Bend, and Lake Livingston to qualify, and the top teams of the Northeast circuit launched into the competitive waters of Martin Creek, Lake Palestine, Lake Tyler, Bob Sandlin, Lake "O the Pines, and lake Sam Rayburn to qualify for the Championship. The Bass-N-Bucks Tournament circuit has been in continuous operation since 1993 and draws a heavy entry average of over 100 teams per event making it one of the top 3 circuits who operate in their tournament areas. Bass-N-Bucks CEO/Directors, David & Trish Concienne, along with their tournament weigh-in crew "and" special fish recovery/live release team, deserve "well-done" applauds from all who've fished, or sponsored their popular team/bass tournaments.

As the final day of the Championship competition neared its collective moments at Twin Dikes Marina, the positive weather factors of light southeast winds and balmy 80 degree temps promised to provide a fantastic finish for the Championship event of the Bass-N-Bucks Tournament Trail, but as the anglers arrived to digitize their 2nd day bassin', it wasn't to be, as final day catches weighed-in lighter catches with only 283 bass weighing-in at 640 lbs.

Championship Re-Cap;
(Day 1)- An early weigh-in brought the leading stringer to the scales as Bill Guillory and John Lewis of Jasper TX, digitized a 1:30 pm weigh-in of 5 bass/19.70 lbs, which also included a John Lewis big bass of 8.61 lbs. Lance Hughes of Center Tx, and Stan Burgay of Timpson Tx, managed to put a 5 bass/18.88 lb catch on the scales for the 2nd place lead. The first day championship anglers tallied up 332 bass weighing 753 lbs.

(Day 2)- "We ran our Javelin/Johnson bass-rig back to Ashe Bayou today, stated Toby Davis of Tyler Tx, and Randy Stone of Whitehouse Tx, "explaining that they had caught 13.40 lbs there yesterday, but felt confident that they could do better today. "But, soon after we got there our troll-motor "ka-plunked" on us, soooo, they further informed, they tied up to the nearest stump and began fan-casting to every blade of grass, lump, hump, stump, bush and ditch for 6 hours until they caught every bass that was in the area. "And lucky for us, they added, we were able to catch a 9:30 am big bite that put an 8.27 lb "kicker" in the boat for a 5 bass/21.40 lb catch. The Northeast Tx, duo were working G-Loomis rods and Shimano reels spooled with Berkely BG-20# mono while fishing 1/2 oz Tx smoke San Antone jigs w/Lake Fork Big Craws, and carolina rigged watermelon & glimmer/blue Zoom Flukes. "We caught most of our bass by noon, informed the East Texas Marine Team, "but after noon it got alot "tuffer". Their winning catch of 10 bass/34.40 lbs took home the "Champions" prize of a fully rigged (yr/2000 package)$28,000 Champion/Mercury 200EFI bass boat as well as the 2nd day big bass check for $730.

"It was much slower for us today, stated Bill Guillory and John Lewis of Jasper Tx, "but we managed to catch enough to hang on to 2nd place. The Zoom Team had been fishing Buck Bay and Solleys Woods Flats with watermelon -"spike-it"- chartreuce Zoom Super Flukes, catching up to 50 bass on day one, but only 12 bass on day two. "We had our bass by 10:am yesterday, they stated, "but, had to work for them til 11:am today when they completely shutdown on us. The Jasper team ran with a BassCat/Mercury while fishing with Castaway rods and Quantum reels spooled with 18# Triple-Fish line for catching 5 bass/9.49 lbs, giving them a total of 10 bass/28.69 lbs and the 2nd place keys to a fully rigged (1999 package) $26,000 Champion/Mercury 200EFI bass boat.

"We worked our same pattern as yesterday, stated Stan Burgay of Timpson Tx, and Lance Hughes of Center Tx, as they explained of how they fished carolina rigged Zoom lizards along northlake 12' to 15' ridges and dropoffs. The Champion/Mercury team worked Castaway/Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with Berkely BG-20# mono for catching a 10 bass/28.09 lb 3rd place finish that would be split with another team which had tied their weight.

""Southlake 6' to 8' grass-flats, answered Dean Wood and Ramon Raines of Nederland/Beaumont Tx. "We worked Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with Berkely BG-15# mono as we fished carolina rigged red-bug & june-bug Zoom trick-worms. The BassCat/Mariner team managed to put a 10 bass/28.09 lb "tie" on the scales for a 3rd place split.

TOP 5 Championship Team Winners;
1-Toby Davis/Randy Stone------------------------10 bass/34.55 lbs-Champion Bass Boat-$28,000
2-Bill Guillory/John Lewis---------------------------10 bass/28.69 lbs-Champion Bass Boat-$26,000
3-Stan Burgay/Lance Hughes----------------------10 bass/28.09 lbs-$2,350
3-Dean Wood/Ramon Raines----------------------10 bass/28.09 lbs-$2,350
4-Bo Standley/Leslie McGowan-------------------10 bass/27.79 lbs-$1,900
5-Denny Wyatt/Bob Ramsdell---------------------10 bass/27.26 lbs-$1,600

Day One Big Bass -(8.61 lbs)-John Lewis/Bill Guillory-$730
Day Two Big Bass-(8.27 lbs)-Randy Stone/Toby Davis-$730

All bass were live released by the Bass n' Bucks Fish Recovery team with a 2nd day tally of 283 bass weighing 640 lbs for a 2 day total of 615 bass weighing 1,393 lbs..

The Championship event payed out $80, 644 in cash & prizes.

For more info on the Bass -N- Bucks tournament circuit contact Dave Concienne at (409)-727-8941 or clic to <>For more information on the Northeast Tx, circuit contact Gary Turner at (903)-566-8749.

Tournament Sponor's- Champion- Mercury- MotorGuide- Castaway- Costa Del Mar- Philpott Ford- Riverside- Hawg Hustler- Check-It-Stik- Exide- McFerrin Insurance- Zercom Marine- Piney Point Plaza- Ramada Inn Jasper- American MortgageBanc- "and" the Bass-N-Bucks Team Anglers.

Weighmaster, Gary Turner prepares to weigh the 8.27 lb "kicker" as Toby Davis and Dave Concienne look on

Davis & Stone claim the '99 Bass-N-Bucks Championship
< photos by Ed Snyder >

'99 Championship winners-1st place kneeling

John Lewis displays his "overall" big bass of 8.61 lbs

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