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10 Bass/28.44 Lbs Wins Rayburn Oilmen Classic
By Ed Snyder/LakeCaster

4th Annual Rayburn Oilmen's Classic
Saturday, October 2, 1999, Ebenezer Park, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"We had to weigh-in by noon today, stated team#205, "so we started out fishing Buck Bay scattered grass-mats to catch our first 3 keeper bass, but then had to run to a westlake cove to catch the other 2 keepers to fill out our limit. "The Conoco Oil & Baker Hughes Inteq team managed to weigh-in a 10 bass/28.44 lb two day weigh-in to claim the "braggin' rights" to the 4th Annual Rayburn Oilmen's Bass Classic.

An Oilfield related bass tournament organization, the Oilman Bass Classic Group has been operational now for over 14 years as they coordinate and initiate both freshwater and saltwater tournament events which help the communities, and community service agencies, that they hold their tournament events on. The Rayburn Oilmen Classic is the youngest of the Oilpatch tournament circuit, and is one of the final events to be scheduled for the fishing season. Well organized, and highly efficient, the "Oilpatch" events draw from the huge support system of the Oilfield Industry which provides the fishing base for the success of the Oilman Classics. Any fishing area, which has had the experience of hosting an Oilman tournament event, will definitely feel the positive impact of increased cash flows and the "up-beat" excitement of having a major event held within their business area -as- "Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler"-(let the good times roll)-quickly becomes the "business quote" of the day.

With October weather conditons providing Autumn-like perfection, the final day "Oilpatch" teams were to enjoy Fall weather at its finest, "but" bluebird bassin' at its worst, as the "Rayburn-Bite" was definitely off. With two flights being scheduled from between 2:pm to 4:pm, and with two "Oilpatch" weigh-in krewe's providing a speedy weigh-in process, the final day catch would be processed and recovered back to the lake within record time.

Rayburn Oilmen Bass Classic ReCap;
Team#205-Wayne Johnson of Baker Hughes Inteq & James Stevens of Conoco Oil- managed to catch the first day lead of 5 bass/17.26 lbs by fishing Buck Bay grassbeds with plum-apple wacky worms, carolina rigged plum-apple Mag-II worms, and Zara Spooks. Mid-lake grassbeds provided the 2nd place leading stringer of 5 bass/16.50 lbs as Team#38-Frances Johnson & Johnny George of Huntsman/Texaco- fished buzzbaits, Spittin Images, and Tx Rigged red-bug worms. Big Bass of the day came in from a 1:30pm bite as Team#131-John Salazar of Southern Flow & Donnie Tynan of Koch Pipeline- fished Gill-Raker worms along a Powell Park grass-hump dropoff for catching an 8.34 lb "kicker".

(Day-2)-Top 5 "Oilpatch" Team Winners;
1st place-(team#205)- Wayne Johnson of Baker Hughes Inteq/Lafayette La, and James Stevens of Conoco Oil/Lafayette La,, managed to catch 17.26 lbs and 11.18 lbs, to tally a 1st place win of 10 bass/28.44 lbs to claim the '99 "braggin' rights" to the 4th Annual Rayburn Oilmen's Bass Classic. "We used Falcon/Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 30# Spider Wire, stated the Champions, adding that they fished plum-apple Zoom wacky worms, clear Zara Spooks, and Tx rigged plum-apple Mag-II worms around 4'-to-6' scattered grass-mats to catch their "Classic" win. "We mainly stuck with fishing Buck Bay grass on the first day, they informed, "but, since we were obligated to weigh-in by 12:noon on the final day, they further advised, "we had to leave Buck Bay early with only 3 keepers to fish a westlake cove to catch our limit. The Inteq/Conoco team had to leave prior to having knowledge of their win, which was to become a "bummer" of a surprise to them, that would be eased "somewhat" by the winning check for $2,000 they were to receive for their #1 bassin' techniques.

2nd place-(team#73)- "Team Pouncey" - Pete Pouncey -(retired)-of Mobil Oil/Morgan City La, and David Pouncey of Forest Oil/Sunset La, slow-rolled and grass-tipped 5'-to-8' Needmore Point grass-beds with 1/2 oz Terminator chartreuce/white spinner baits, to catch 13.37 lbs and 14.06 lbs for a 2nd place final of 10 bass/27.43 lbs. "We used LaOilmen & Castaway rods with Quantum reels spooled with Berkley 17# mono, stated the father & son team who took home the $1,400 2nd place check.

3rd place-(team#38)- Francis Johnson & Johnny George of Huntsman/Texaco managed to put 16.5 lbs and 10.78 lbs on the scale for a 3rd pace finish of 10 bass/27.28 lbs. "We fished mid-lake grass on 1st day, they explained, "but really struggled on day two and ran to Ayish Bayou to catch our bass for today. The "struggling" team fished buzz-baits, crank-baits, and Tx rigged redbug Zoom Mag-II worms to catch their 3rd place check for $800.

4th place-(team#96)- John Northchott & Dan Stultz of Global Marine Drilling, fished Tx & Carolina rigged bloodline worms along 8' southlake scatterred grass to catch 16.1 lbs & 11.03 lbs for a 4th place finish of 10 bass/27.13 lbs and a check for $600.

5th place-(team#21)- Gordon Holekamp of Haliburton/Humble Tx, and John Lafitte of Hess/Tombal Tx, managed to catch 6.98 lbs & 18.47 lbs for a 5th place final of 10 bass/25.45 lbs. "We fished Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 17# Silver Thread, explained the duo, adding that they stuck with working 8'-to-10' grass-edges along mid-lake ditch-points with carolina rigged Zoom watermelon worms, Tenn-shad Chug-Bugs, and 3/8 oz Stanley chartreuce/white wedge spinnerbaits. "Our big bite ocurred at 6:50am, stated Gordon, "when a 7.67 lb "kicker" hit my Stanley wedge. The 5th place team would collect a 5th place check for $400, as well as an "overall" 2nd place big bass check for another $400.

Tournament "Overall" Big Bass;
1st-(8.34 lbs)-(tm#131)-John Salazar-Southern Flow/Donnie Tynan-Koche Pipeline-$600
2nd-(7.67 lbs)-(tm#21)-Gordon Holekamp-Haliburton/John Lafitte-Hess-$400
3rd-(6.72 lbs)-(tm#190)-Mike McKenzie & Bob Gibson-Tifco-$300

$5,000 donation to Acadiana Youth Inc; and the Jasper Tx Abused Children's Shelter-The 1999 4th Ann. ROC tournament paid out $21,000 cash & $10,000 in prizes to the top 68 overall team places and the top 3 overall big bass winners.

1999 Fully Rigged $26,000 Skeeter/Yamaha Bass boat "Luck-O-The Draw" winner- Tm#101 member, Jack Martin of GoodYear- The Skeeter Bass Boat was 100% donated to the Rayburn Oilmen Bass Classic by Skeeter/Yamaha.

All tournament bass were recovered and released by Jimmy Lasseigne's "Catch & Release" with 1,676 bass weighing 2,299 lbs.

For More information on this, as well as other Oilman Tournament events, contact Charlotte Comeaux at (318)-235-9464- Next years 5th Annual Rayburn Oilmen Classic is scheduled for October 13, 14, 2000.

Oilman Classic Sponsors; Skeeter Bass Boats, Yamaha Outboards, Production Management, Operational, Mariner Energy, ERA Aviation, Pellerin Tubular, Strata Directional, Wilson Supply, International Well Testers, Lafayette Rental, L&L Oil & Gas, Janic Directional, Tiger Tanks, Service Chevrolet, Delmar, Resource Transport, Trussco, Air-Log, Toledo Oil & Gas, Huval, Venture, Lycon, Operators Consult, Dolphin, Welch Generators, SOLA, Global, Tripoint, Wireline, Tri-Star, Bayou State Marine, Francis Drilling, OSCA, Center Drill, ACME, Omega Service, DLP Wireline, DataCom, "and" the 4th Ann. Rayburn Oilmen Bass Classic Anglers.

James Stevens of tm#205-displays part of 1st place catch

Skeeter Rep;-(C)-helps "Team Pouncey" with 2nd place applauds
< photos by Ed Snyder >

tm# 131 displays the 8.34 lb "Overall"

Oilman CEO-Charlotte Comeaux helps tm#21 with their 7.67 lb #2 bass

tm#190 with 6.72 lb #3 bass

'99 Rayburn Oilmen Weigh-in Krewe

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