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Crankbait Pattern Wins Rayburn "Big Bass RoundUp"
By Ed Snyder

Lufkin TX Angler Catches 5.60 & 8.70 Lb Lunkers -

2nd Annual Shimano/Sealy Outdoors "Corsair Big Bass Roundup"
October 23, 1999, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"I caught both bass while crankin' southlake timber and outside grass-edges, stated the Lufkin TX, angler, who had just dominated the Big Bass Tournament with a 5.60 early weigh-in, which held in 1st place untill late afternoon when he then managed top his own bass with another that would "intimidate" the scales with an 8.70 lb lunker. "I had to fish as a non-boater today, the "lucky" angler further informed, explaining that he had to fish with two different anglers due to the fact that his boat was in the shop for repairs.

As JoDee Messina's, "I'm doin' alright", resonated across the pre-dawn waters, 343 "Big Bass" anglers slowly maneuvered into position to make their first casts, and with the 6:am "anglers start your casting" broadcasted from the Country Sounds of Ranch 102.7/fm, Lake Sam Raburn's 2nd Annual Corsair Owners Big Bass RoundUp, "officially" got underway. Cooling "Blue-Bird" winds, merged with dropping lake levels and a high pressure Autumn Cold Front, to pre-condition the bass-i-tudes, keeping the skeptics busy with their predictions of seeing some "heavy" digitals recorded across the scales at Twin Dikes Marina, as,"somewhere", on the 114,000 acres of this Southeast Texas reservoir, "someone", would set a hook into a bass that would win them the 1st place prize of a fully rigged Champion Bass Boat valued at $16,000.

"This is an hourly weigh-in tournament, stated tournament director, Bob Sealy, of Sealy Outdoors, "and the anglers are allowed to weigh-in hourly big bass, starting at 7:am hour, and finishing up at 3:pm hour. "The top 5 big bass, brought in during those hourly weigh-ins, will win the anglers Shimano Rod & Reels, and the "overall" big bass of the day will win its angler the first place prize of a "fully rigged" $16,000 Champion Bass Boat. "Although Rayburn has been "iffy" as of late with its big bass catches, we still expect to see plenty of good catches come across our scales today, advised Sealy as he weighed-in the first bass of the morning, as Mike Fullerton of Bridge City TX, arrived to digitize a 7:am hour bass weight of 2.55 lbs. "And folks, it just wouldn't get too much better as 2 lb and 3 lb bass seemed to dominate the leaderboard marks, "that is" untill Brian Schott began hookin' up with his "non-boater" crankbait pattern.

"I used a Norman Deep Little "N" shad colored crankbait, stated Brian Schott, as he began telling his secrets for catching the top two bass of the tournament. "My first bass, a 3.62 lb keeper, that I caught on an early white buzzbait bite, managed to take the 7:am hour, Brian informed, further telling that he then went to some southlake 20' timber where he fished a Norman crankbait to catch his 5.60 lb bass, which took the 8:am hour. "Then, Brian continued, I fished an afternoon pattern of working Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 16# Triple-Fish line, where, while cranking some 8' outside grass edges in the Powell Park area, a 2:30pm crankbait bite put an 8.70 in my live-well where I ran it in for the final weigh-in. "I really have to give thanks to my two fishing partners today, Brian praised, stating that if it wasn't for Eric Watson and Mark Abney, also of Lufkin TX, giving him some boat-deck to fish from that he wouldn't have been able to fish the tournament, "let alone win it". As Brians Boat was in the shop for repairs he had to hitch a ride, where the friendly gesture managed to put Brian Schott in the drivers seat of the $16,000 Champion Bass Boat.

(editors note)-Since Brian Schott's 5.60 lb 2nd "overall" big bass wouldn't qualify him to hold "both" 1st and 2nd places of the tournament- the 2nd place position would go to the 4.34 lb catch of Jason Moore of Nacogdoches TX.

All Roundup Bass were live released by Jerry Moon's, Shimano Live Release system.

For more info; on this, as well as other Shimano Freshwater & Saltwater tournament events contact Sealy Outdoors at (409)-698-2591

1999 Big Bass RoundupTournament Sponsors- Shimano, Sealy Outdoors, Champion Boats, Texas Fish & Game Magazine, Triple Fish Fishing Line, Academy Sporting Goods Stores, Ranch Country Radio/102.7fm, "and" the 1999 Big Bass Roundup anglers.


1st- Brian Schott Lufkin, TX-(8.70)-$16,000 Champion Bass Boat
2nd- Jason Moore Nacogdoches, TX-(4.34)
3rd- David Harvey Nederland, TX-(4.26)
4th- Jeff Manous Dayton, TX-(4.19)
5th Albin Comeaux Beaumont, TX-(4.06)
1-Brian Schott Lufkin, TX-3.62
2-Mike Fullerton Bridge City,TX-2.55
3-Eric Watson Lufkin, TX-2.11
4-N/A N/A N/A
5-N/A N/A N/A

1-Brian Schotts Lufkin, TX-5.60
2-Norman Horn Sam Rayburn,TX-3.84
3-Leslie McGallion Hemphill, TX-3.72
4-Clay McElveen Diboll, TX-3.06
5-Eric Watson Lufkin ,TX-2.66

1-Jeff Manous Dayton, TX-4.19
2-Marty Taylor Kirbyville,TX-3.56
3-Heath Moore Fred, TX-3.47
4-Floyd Manous Anahuak,TX-3.32
5-Mike Heiner Orange,TX-3.09

1-David Harvey Nederland,TX-4.26
2-Albin Comeaux Beaumont,TX-4.06
3-Roger Mayo Leesville,La-3.43
4-Raddy Cloide Vidor,TX-3.42
5-Chris McMullen Tomball,TX-3.00

1-Terry Lawson Nacogdoches,TX-3.15
2-Beryl Sanner Hull,TX-2.95
3-Richard Kopech Houston,TX-2.84
4-Brenda Lewis Port Arthur,TX-2.48
5-David Harvey Nederland,TX-2.47

1-Warren Rice Spring, TX-2.99
2-Robert Thierry Sugarland,TX-2.97
3-Dalton Woods Burkeville, TX-2.97
4-Kenneth Blalock Corrigan, TX-2.73
5-Tommy Courmier Silsbee, TX-2.69

1-James Mixon Dayton, TX-3.47
2-Rusty Clark Evadale, TX-3.42
3-Jay Thornton Lufkin, TX-3.33
4-Corey Chesser Vidor, TX-2.99
5-Bobby Goforth Conroe, TX-2.94

1-Brian Schotts Lufkin, TX-8.70
2-Jason Moore Nacogdoches, TX-4.34
3-John Walker Brookeland, TX-3.97
4-Norman Horn Sam Rayburn, TX-3.67
5-Allen McKinney Orange, TX-3.26

Bob Sealy-(L)-and Mike Mills-(R)-flank Brian Schott with 8.70 winner

Top 5 anglers and Winner get applauds and honors
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Shimano Crew awards Brian his 1st place Champion Boat

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