Solunar Fishing Chart for Toledo Bend Lake and Sam Rayburn Lake!

Need to know the best Fishing Days for Toledo Bend Lake?
Need to know the best Fishing Days for Sam Rayburn Lake?
Chart for:
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Daylight Savings Time
1st Quarter
Rise: 02:54pSet: 12:45a
  Sunrise 07:19 A.M. - Sunset 06:42 P.M.  
Non-peak Day: Minor (00:01 - 00:54) Major (05:36 - 07:36) Minor (12:18 - 13:18) Major (18:00 - 20:00) PLEASE NOTE: Some Major or Minor Periods may extend to the previous or next day and are not represented here; typically these will be periods beginning at 00:01 or ending at 23:59. MAJOR Periods are 2 hours; MINOR Periods are 1 hour
Day Night Peak Day Non-Peak Day Major Period Minor Period

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Using a Solunar Table

This is not a "generic" solunar chart. The solunar chart provided by Toledo-Bend.Com is based on the specific longitude and latitude at what we consider the midpoint of Toledo Bend Lake - at Pendleton Bridge. Times are local times and Daylight Savings Time is accounted for. Since Sam Rayburn Reservoir is so close, this chart is valid for it, as well as Toledo Bend Lake.

This chart takes into account sun position, moon position, moon phase, and tidal action.

The solunar table provides a big head start on prime fishing times and days. Please bear in mind, however, that another very important factor not accounted for in the table is weather. Any change in weather pattern typically is going to increase the effects of the solunar table. Solunar Table for Toledo bend Lake Solunar table for Sam Rayburn lake