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Fishing on Toledo Bend Lake

Darrell Lyons runs DW's Guide Service and has been guiding full time since 1990 on Toledo Bend Lake and Sam Rayburn Lake. Along with his fishing guide service Darrell offers his services as a hunting guide, combination Fishing / Golf trips. Be sure to visit Darrell's web site at http://www.toledo-bend.net/guide or email to dwlguide@yahoo.com

Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report
January 18, 2015

Bass~ Good - Depending on the weather fish will lock in deep or start an early march to the shallows . Water temps of 46 to 51 will find most bass out deep in the old river or at the mouths of deeper creeks 28ft to 42ft. The best way to catch these fish is locate them with your electronics then use a jigging spoon or drop shot rig dressed with a 4" black/blue or green pumpkin cut tail worm. Now if the water temp hits 55 or above things change. The bass move shallow to warm and feed in water 8'to 15 depending on the cover . The best baits for this are 3/4oz lipless crankbaits in black/silver or black/gold my other two are a suspending rogue in the same colors and old reliable black/blue/purple jig with a blue sapphire trailer. Don't forget the Kick n' Bass!

White Bass~ Good up river will be excellent buy end of month best bait is live crawfish and road runners in dark green and yellow.

Crappie~ Good depending on water level can be found at chicken coop or mouths of creeks waiting to go shallow to spawn. Best bait is live shinners out deep and road runners up shallow in black/yellow.

Remember to get a kid in the out doors and when it tugs on the line... SET THE HOOK!!!!!!!!

Take a kid fishing, and remember...
If it tugs on the line... SET THE HOOK!

Guide Darrell W Lyons
(409) 787-3664
email: dwlguide@yahoo.com