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Fishing on Toledo Bend Lake

Joe Joslin has been fishing Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn for 25+ years and has been a full time pro guide on Toledo Bend/Sam Rayburn since 1998.Joe Joslin Outdoors Fishing Guide Service Wholesome atmosphere * Safety minded * Latest equipment. Visit Joe's website at Joe Joslin Outdoors E-Mail Joe at joejoslinoutdoors@yahoo.com

Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report
August 23, 2016

BULLETIN: As we have been posting all summer, September 1, 2016 we will go up on our guide rates from $250 to $300 for a half day(4.5 hours)and from $350 to $400 for a full 8 hour day. This is out first rate increase in 9 years and most guides have been at this rate or higher for several years. I am so appreciative to our clients for their business. You can still lock in at lower rates if you do so before Sept 1. Even if you book for next year.

Hello, anglers. Weather has moderated and rain has slowed somewhat allowing crews and flood victims a chance to start the massive cleanup. As we mentioned last week, Louisiana people are generous when fellow citizens are in need. I have witnessed numerous donation efforts where people are giving money as well as buying truck loads of needed goods and taking them to various distribution sites. In addition, the Faith Community has stepped up big time and a huge percentage of the churches in Louisiana have ongoing efforts to assist flood victims.

On Monday I witnessed one local church where members had filled a long hall with canned goods, paper and cleaning products, mops, brooms plus bottle water and other similar items. Such acts of kindness make me proud to live in Louisiana. May we keep these flood victims in our thoughts and prayers as many have a long, difficult journey ahead.

LAKE CONDITIONS: The lake level rose a few inches due to recent rain and registered 170.4’ at midweek. One generator is running 13 hours daily from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Water temperatures have fallen from 88 to 83 degrees due to rain, clouds and cooler daytime temps. At the spillway all gates are closed and North Toledo is slightly stained, mid lake is mostly clear and south Toledo is very clear.

Several readers have observed that only one generator has been running and it has been several months since both were activated. I have heard various issues but don’t know what the reason for running only one. I will makes some calls and hopefully find out the answer.

FISHING REPORTS: One difference I have noticed this week as far as patterns is cooler water temps have moved some bass to more shallow cover and this trend will continue into the fall. We caught some really solid bass last week on 10-15’ flats where we had been catching them on 18 to 25 ft. flats and the only change was cooler water temps. My associate, Jason Courville, also caught more fish in shallow water this past week with some of those caught on a Havoc Bottom Hopper rigged Texas style with light sinker worked in shallow grass in 4-8 feet. Both of us have been observing more active large bass in shallow water especially with cloudy, rainy conditions.

I am finding grass in some areas in 6-8 feet but it is not hydrilla however, it is holding fish and seems to be more dense than in July which is encouraging.

This summer has been better than average when it comes to catching quality schooling bass. Until recently, we were catching most all of our schooling bass holding on the edge of drop offs that went from 15-18 ft. to 25-30 ft. This has changed somewhat the past week or so as bass seem to be scattering out on flats. When they stop schooling we have also been catching them on crankbaits and Texas rigs. Best crankbait colors are shad patterns such as sexy shad.

Our topwater baits include Sebile’s new Flat Belly Walker, Yellow Magic, Gunfish and Norman’s Pro Pop all in shad patterns. We continue to catch fish on a drop shot. One day last week we really had a good day fishing about 20-25 feet using a Havoc Bottom Hopper in shady watermelon candy and red bug. We used both Bottom Hopper and B.H. Jr.

CRAPPIE: Crappie guide, Jack Adams, continues to catch fish on live shiners fishing over brush from 22 to 25 feet and Adams says it will even get better. He did mention he has had some cancellations due to the flood.

AUTHOR INFO: Joe Joslin is a syndicated outdoor columnist, TPWD Licensed guide since 1998, tournament angler and pro guide on Toledo and Sam Rayburn. 337-463-3848 or joejoslinoutdoors@yahoo.com and website at http://www.joejoslinoutdoors.com.

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