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Fishing on Toledo Bend Lake

Joe Joslin has been fishing Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn for 25+ years and has been a full time pro guide on Toledo Bend/Sam Rayburn since 1998.Joe Joslin Outdoors Fishing Guide Service Wholesome atmosphere * Safety minded * Latest equipment. Visit Joe's website at Joe Joslin Outdoors E-Mail Joe at

Sam Rayburn Reservoir Fishing Report
October 16, 2018

I have been guiding more on Rayburn than Toledo the past several months. Mostly because of an abundance of hydrilla and its been a while that I have had a bad trip on Big Sam. We are fishing shallow early the first two hours and even longer with cloud cover, Its been amazing how many quality bass we have caught in 4-6 ft of water. We are basically using Texas rigs, Carolina rigs and drop shot. On the Texas rigs we are using Bottom Hopper, trick worms and 10 inch Berkley Power Worms. When we are fishing these shallow (2 -8 ft) we use a light sinker in 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 ounce black bullet sinkers with 17 lb test Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon.

I use a 3/0 off set Fusion worm hook when using Bottom Hopper and Trick worms. When using the 10 inch Berkley Power Worm I use the same line but move up to a 4/0 offset Fusion. I also have had good luck in 3 to 8 feet with a squarebill crankbait and my favorite is Berkley's Squarebull...formally Pit Bull

When we Carolina rig I use 17 lb. 100% Trilene Fluorocarbon on both the main line as well as the leader. I use a 24-30 inch leader and for a C Rig I like the Powerbait Power Hawg, Power Lizard and Havoc's Boss Dog which resembles a water dog. On Rayburn I fish a lot of off shore ridges from 12 to 30 ft. with both a Carolina rig and drop shot.

On the drop shot I use both the conventional drop shot rig with light line and nose hook the worm. However, I also use a "Drop Shot on steroids" which I use 17 Fluorocarbon, a 3/0 off set worm hook, bury the hook in the worm similar to a Texas rig which allows me to cast the rig. If you nose hook the worm you will need to fish it vertically. When the bite is tough I use the conventional d.s. However, if bass are active I use the heavier rig. Conventional drop shot I use spinning tackle and 8-10 lb test. With heavier rig I use bait cast and medium heavy action rod.

If you want to learn to fish deep main lake humps and ridges please give us a call. My cell is 337-401-0264.Thanks for reading our fishing reports.

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