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ABOUT  THE  WEATHER: Now I know a little about how the Weatherman feels! Complaints when it isn't right. All of the weather information you see here (and just about anywhere, for that matter) is based on information from the N.O.A.A. - National Weather Service. The Webmaster, personally, has NOTHING to do with it other than to assemble and present it to you - pretty much like any other weather outlet. The source is NWS, based on their models specifically plotted for this geographic area - North, Mid, and South Toledo Bend Lake based on latitude & longitude. It may or may not be right, but is updated regularly (ranging from 20 - 90 minutes, depending on the item) and the "best guess" you'll get. If you spot problems or wish to comment on this addition, please E-MAIL THE WEBMASTER

Continental U.S.
Infared Satellite Weather

This loop contains the past 24 hours of images of the United States, one image per hour taken from a NOAA satellite. These images are taken in the infrared band of light and show relative warmth of objects. Colder objects are brighter and warmer objects are darker. Lower layers of clouds, generally warmer and lower in altitude, are colored gray. Colder and generally higher clouds tops are highlighted in colors. IR imagery is useful for determining cloud features both at day and night.

Sources: NASA, NOAA, NWS, U of Nebraska - Lincoln, U. S. Naval Observatory
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