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Toledo Bend

Our “Combined” Birding Trail

The Texas side of Toledo Bend Lake has a number of birding sites identified as part of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail – Big Thicket Loop.. Only those sites that are in proximity to Toledo Bend Lake are identified here. Additionally, sites from the Great Texas Wildlife Trails – Prairies & Pineywoods East are listed as well as from the Deep East Texas Birding Guide. Additionally, we have sites from the Louisiana Red River Birding Trail – Loop 3.

Toledo Bend Lake Area Birding Checklist

For a comprehensive Toledo Bend Lake Area Birding Checklist – CLICK HERE In addition to the checklist, there are links to pictures of many of the birds on the Webmaster’s Gallery including many in-flight shots and sequences and lots more! The Webmaster’s Gallery includes some excellent shots of birds from around Toledo Bend Lake – especially the Bald Eagles – Osprey catching White Bass – and shots of a Hawk’s nest with the young, visit the Toledo Bend Gallery at Toledo-Bend.US

RRBT Site 23 – Rebel State Historic Site
RRBT Site 24 – Los Adaes State Historic Site
RRBT Site 25 – Fort Jessup State Historic Site
RRBT Site 26 – Hodges Gardens State Park
RRBT Site 27 – South Toledo Bend State Park
RRBT Site 28 – North Toledo Bend State Park
RRBT Site 29 – Converse Bay
RRBT Site 30 – Oak Ridge Park

RRBT Site 31 – Logansport Riverfront Park

This is a really nice place to visit just to be there. Have a picnic; throw in a line and do some fishing. Given the water and proximity of trees, of course it’s a good place to see a veriety of birds, too.