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Lakecaster Online Archives – April, 2001

White Bass Fever

By John Plumb

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When I think of reliable white bass fishing, I think of April. By this time, barring any prohibitive conditions like nasty muddy water, inclement weather, it should be time for you to be seeing good numbers of fish. It has been a dry spell and we white bass nuts are ready to have a new crop of playmates.

During the first phase of this month, along the shorelines should be the major area to search. As the fish ingress to the lake proper, they’ll find the shad inhabiting near shore points, and adjacent structures. The shad will be spawning along the banks, and until this process is over, the whites will be nearby. Normally, late April/early May is when the shad move for deeper water. Yep, you guessed it. The fish will follow.

There are many areas to look for the early action. All along the old 190 roadbed is always popular, as it’s easy to find, and has much associated structure in shallow depth. Commonly used as a “highway” for the fish to transit from one side of the lake to the other, it’s a favorite spot for trollers and jiggers alike. If you are handy with a fish finder, concentrate on the submerged bridges. There are seven of them, so it may require some time to discover them all. Each of them are known fish holding areas.

Of course jigging is the most productive method. The slab will produce more fish per the allotted time you have on the water. Trolling will catch fish, but the average size will be diminished, as the larger fish will not compete with the smaller speedsters. The larger fish hang out below picking up crippled shad wounded by the smaller ones. Also, in close areas, trolling will cause a disturbance to other fishers. Many boaters will oblige you with a chewing out if you get too close. If you can read the hull numbers on a boat, you are entirely too close. Courtesy on the water isn’t only a good idea; it’s the law. Re: Texas Water Safety Act Digest. It’s available at any Parks & Wildlife office, many marinas, sporting goods stores, and they used to be sent with the renewal notice for your boat registration. It’s a good idea to review this literature. It could save you some stress from irate boaters who have been moved on.

The lake is a place for enjoyment of varied types. Some folks like to ski, or run jet skis. This is a very large lake and should afford plenty room for all pursuits. However, these activities are usually not welcome where fishing is in progress. Fisher, who are usually a reclusive type do not enjoy the invasion of water sports such as those mentioned. As summer approaches, the lake traffic will increase dramatically. Please try and remember there are others out there besides you, and pay the same courtesy to them you would wish for yourself. Keep your distance and avoid the grief of conflict. It can ruin your day, and that isn’t why we go to the lake.

By the time this hits the stand, fishing will be going on. As I write this, the spawn is winding down and the fish are returning to the lake. Your normal spring spots will be paying off. Time to shake the cobwebs out of the boat, and your head, and get out ON THE LAKE!

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