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Seasonal Bass Fishing Tips for Toledo Bend Lake

Provided by Guide Association of Toledo Bend to Toledo-Bend.Com

The Guide Association of Toledo bend is no more

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A month by month report of bass fishing on one of America’s top bass fishing lakes This huge lake varies from north to south (a 70 miles long lake) to allow the bass fisherman all types of fishing. It is a great learning lake for fishermen as well as a challenge and reward for all fishermen.


Slow roll a spinnerbait especially in the Converse and San Patrico deeper grass areas. Your bait should travel just over the top and along the edge of the hydrilla grass. Bass are sluggish so wind your spinnerbait as slow as you can barely tipping the top of the grass. On warm winter days, bass sometime move into the back of coves and again a spinnerbait is productive. Remember the water temperature warms on the north end of the lake first. Winter fishing is good with a RinkyDink in the bends in the river or creek channels and deep humps. Many fishermen use a jigging spoon in January and February in water up to 30 feet deep.


Use bright colored spinnerbaits and 3/4 oz. Rattletraps on the flats and shallow ridges. Remember slow is better. Carolina rigged lizards works well in the same areas. You can catch jig fish in bushes all over the lake at this time if there is water in the bushes. Pitching jigs, Brush Hogs, lizards, and craw worms all will work this time of the year. Wacky worms or trick worms will start around mid-March and last throughout the Spring. Fish Rouges and jerk baits in the same areas you fish your wacky worm. Buzz baits will start sometime in April, depending on the water temperature.


The fish will suspend after the Spring spawn and will be harder to catch. To compensate for this slower bite, try backing off from the shallow water and fish the main lake points. A Carolina rig with a French fry. Downsize your spinnerbait and fish the color the water dictates: Chartreuse for muddy water and white for clear water. The fish are between patterns so make your presentation slower and smaller. Try fishing around pepper grass with a chug bug or Cyclone buzzbait early in the mornings.


The fish are well into their summertime patter. Early top water fish can be caught with your favorite top water bait. When the sun gets straight up and the heat is turned on, the bass move in the grass to the bottom of the lake. They will bite a 10″ plus worm with a 1/2 oz sinker or a 3/4 oz or 1 oz jig. Try Cyclone’s big jig with a rattle and Kick n Bass scent. In the summertime, school fish are all over the lake and can be caught on a topwater bait or a worm with a light sinker. On the north end of the lake, use a crankbait on the river bends, sloughs and break lines. Most Toledo Bend fishermen find a lot mudbug, a 9-A Bomber, or a DD-22 works the best.


Until fronts start coming through, the fish will still be on a summer pattern. After a cool front, the top water bite will pick up more. Downsize a spinnerbait to a 1/4 oz , 3/8 oz or 1/2 oz usually with a silver back willowleaf blade. Fish will be feeding more than in the hot summer months. Toledo Bend has an excellent Fall fishing pattern.


For the fisherman that hunts, Toledo Bend has an excellent fall migration of ducks. For others, it is big fish time. Slow down your bait presentation and once again fish a big jig on the creek bends and edge of the river channel. As in January slow roll a big 3/4 oz & 1 oz spinnerbait with #6 & #7 willowleafblades. Remember, when you think you are fishing slow enough, slow it down! Good fishing and keep a tight line.

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