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Water level on 07/17 at 04:30 PM CST
170.32 ft 1.68
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TodayJul 17, 2019
Toledo Bend
Humid and Partly Cloudy

Links to Other Sites

Hidden Talents – Color Blindness – Excellent site about color blindness – good material not found elsewhere

Color Blindness Testing Poster

Unique poster, geared to children, to test multiple forms of colorblindness – especially suited to schools, doctors’ offices, etc. Check this out at:

Solution For Red/Green Indicator Lights

Nintendo DS Battery Indicator Light Solution for Color Blind (Color Deficient) Users – Same solution could also be used for other red/green indicator lights – check this one out!


Do you have a site relating to color vision? We will be happy to put a reciprocal link to your site! Just put a link to http://www.Toledo-Bend.Com/Colorblind/ on your site, send an email to Webmaster@Toledo-Bend.Com requesting a link and telling where your link to our site is and we’ll be happy to put as link to your site. PLEASE NOTE: We will link only to family safe sites!

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