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It can be difficult for a small business to have representation on the Internet…

  • It’s expensive to get a site set up
  • It must be hosted and that is an ongoing expense
  • People have to find it – or it’s not effective – and with many millions of sites out there, your page can be difficult to find
  • These factors make it difficult to justify the cost.

This is the perfect Solution!

  • A single-page website is very inexpensive
  • Hosting fees are minimal and annual – pay a small amount yearly and your Internet advertising budget stays small
  • When your site is affiliated with the most powerful and dynamic Internet presence for the whole area – you’ll get found
  • Now you can be on the Internet in a Cost-Effective way

What You Get…

  • Website – A single page site, something like this one – or the other pages you see for our advertisers with the same black top and left borders as this one has
  • Logo – if you have a business card or letterhead with your logo, we will put that on top of the page – or take a picture of your sign
  • Placement – your website will be placed in the Lake Area Directory of Businesses & Services. You will have a link directly to it from the DIRECTORY page under the classification for your business
  • Search Engines will be able to find you – especially since you’re with Toledo-Bend.Com – always high ranking on any search for this area with all search engines
  • Photos of your business – you can supply or we will shoot 3 – 6 photos of your business to add to your website
  • Hosting – as a part of Toledo-Bend.Com – far and away the domain with the most traffic for the entire area
  • URL – You will have a website address to add to your business cards or other printed materials and advertising
  • Changes – You are able to make changes to your site quickly and easily through Toledo-Bend.Com. However, there are some charges for changes – depending on the amount of time involved
  • Additional Links can be added to the directory if your businmess falls under more than a single classification – small additional charge

See Samples Of Our Work…

Browse through the Lake Area Directory of Businesses & Services and look for any business name followed by an asterisk (Business Name*) – click on that link and you will see one of the pages we do.

What It Costs…

Prices have changed will update

  • One-time set-up fee – $84.00
  • First year of hosting – $95.00
  • Total initial cost – $179.00
  • Other services are available, including…
  • Extra lines on your link
  • Banner Advertising on Toledo-Bend.Com

Hosting – $95 per year – only $7.92 per month!

Already have a website?

Get a link from the Lake Area Directory…
One-time Setup Fee – $34.00
Link hosting – per year – $45.00
$3.75 per month

Why Be In The Directory…

…if you already have a website or don’t need a website? Because you still need to attract new customers. Toledo-Bend.Com is the place on the Internet where people visiting the area, who have camps in the area, or who are moving to the area can find information. Make sure they can find YOU.

Don’t need a website?

Many professionals (attorneys, doctors, etc.) may not need a website, but do need to let people know they’re here.

We also offer a 3-Line Ad with a border surrounding where you can put your name and brief info about your business and a phone number and/or email address.

One-time Setup Fee – $19.00
Hosting – Per year – $50.00

That’s $4.17 per month for people to be able to find your services on the Internet

To get started or find out more…


Just how popular is Toledo-Bend.Com in comparison with other area sites?

Find out by checking these links…

Check the middle part of Toledo-Bend.Com’s HOME page to see the most current, official, certified website rankings…
Check the Banner Ads section for historic traffic figures 2007 – Current, month-by-month

We reserve the right to refuse advertising from any company or individual for any reason whatsoever.

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