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Fish Tales

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What was this bass thinking?       100410001
Douglas McClung of Gramercy, LA      March 23, 2010
AREA: Indian Mounds   BAIT: Rogue
My good friend, Lionel Deslattes, and I make an annual trip to Toledo Bend. Every year we seem to catch a least one bass that is smaller than the bait. We always wonder what the bass was thinking when it took the bait. I guess its let me catch it first then I will decide on how to eat it.

John Deere visits Toledo Bend       100409001
Kevin Karlix of Moline, IL      April 2, 2010
AREA: Mid-Lake   BAIT: Texas rigged worm
Kevin Karlix and Andrew Bonde with John Deere visited Toledo Bend on March 31 thru April 2, 2010 and caught and released 70 largemouth bass in 2 1/2 days of fishing with Toledo Bend resident Danny Dructor. The largest fish caught by Kevin weighed in at a respectable 6 pounds, 6 ounces.

Scotch and the Bass       100408001
Dennis Higgs of Milam, TX      April 8, 2010
AREA: Patroon Creek   BAIT: pop r
Scotch, an eleven year old yellow lab assisted his owner in landing a 3 lb bass on good Friday.

While fishing off the bank at Holly Park with and ultra lite spinning reel, 4lb test line and a small topwater pop-r., we managed to encourage a 3 lb large mouth in to taking the bait.

The fish headed for the moss bed and became entangled a good 20 yds out. Scotch watched the whole ordeal. The fish was hung in the moss with just its tail protruding. I lined Scotch up and sent him out. He crossed the channel , grabbed the fish and returned her to the bank.

Scotch has proven himself in the field on birds, pheasants, ducks, geese, grouse, quail, and dove. He also retrieved a shot squirrel, which is strange, since he has been trained not to chase rabbits. Today he brought home supper,a 3 lb bass.

I put it on a stringer and wanted to continue to fish, but he kept going in the water and bringing it back. So I let him take it on to the store and get his picture made and then on to the fish house to clean it. Tonight he and I will eat fish.

Scotch has been with me teaching physics,chemistry, biology and shop in three states, Texas, Nebraska and Nevada. By Dennis Higgs. Submitted through Holly Park Marina.

Father/daughter day on the lake       100401001
Steven C. Durio of Grant, LA      March 31, 2010
AREA: Six Mile Creek   BAIT: Lizard
Myself and my 11 year old daughter Haley Marie headed out to six mile for a day of fishing and fun. We bought shiners for her to try for white perch or bass. She was able to land a fish around 2 1/2 pounds using a Zebco 202 reel. We caught a total of 17 bass and had 8 keepers for a fish fry on Good Friday.

Other than her catching a good fish, the excitement of the day came when a rod and reel fell into the water and I took a plunge over the side of the boat to get it. I failed to realize the shiner bucket (styrofoam) was below me and when I dropped over the edge of the boat to reach it I landed on the bucket. I also managed to not catch the rod and reel. All total, I am minus a perch jerking rod and reel and a shiner bucket. It was one of the best days of fishing I have ever had on the lake.