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Fish Tales

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Father/Daughter White Perch Trip       110613001
Steven Durio of Grant, LA      June 10, 2011
AREA: Mid Lake   BAIT: Shiners
Me and my middle daughter, Lindsey Nicole, went to the Bend for White Perch action on Friday. We found it and had a blast. We caught a total of around 60 or so and kept 44 white perch. She showed me how it was done and I managed to have a white persch trip where I didn’t lose a rod and reel. Ha!Ha!

Father/Son trip       110404001
Steven Durio of Grant, LA      April 2, 2011
AREA: Indian Creek   BAIT: Soft Plastics
On Saturday, April 2, 2011, I took my neighbor (Tulley) and his older son(Jared) on a fishing trip to Toledo Bend. It was one of those days when you couldn’t ask for better weather. We caught round 40 to 50 bass and had 16 keepers. Jared caught the first white perch of the day and the only Kentucky spotted bass as well. It was a good day of fishing and a great day to be on the lake. Next trip will be the younger son’s (Nathan) turn.

Misery in a Boat       110329001
Steven Durio of Grant, LA      March 26, 2011
AREA: Indian Creek Area   BAIT: Tube Jigs
Myself (Duroc*), Jeff (Baudoo), and Wayne (Cotton) fished the Indian Creek area this past Saturday on Toledo Bend. My padna Cotton refers to three in a boat as “MISERY”. However, this past Saturday’s trip proved to be otherwise as you can see by the pictures. We ended up with 28 Sauc-a-liat, 3 bass and a couple of bream. Baudoo is holding up two of the largest perch caught. This 3 in a boat trip had a little misery and a lot of fun.

New Toledo Bend White Bass Record       100728001
Lisle Brook of Milam, TX      June 19, 2010
AREA: Chicken Coop   BAIT: DD22
On June 19, 2010 after a day of family fun on Toledo Bend, I was showered and ready to relax. My nephew Scooter Reaves reminded me that I promised to go night fishing with him. I hesitated, and almost backed out, but decided to go. After a couple of hours of fishing over a favorite White Bass hang out, I hooked a monster (by White Bass standards) 4.4 pounder that was 20 inches long. This fish broke the previous record set in 1983. Thanks Scooter for making me go fishing with you! Verify at Texas Parks and Wildlife