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toledo bend express realty
Water level on 10/26 at 10:30 AM CST
168.08 ft 3.92
Water level for the last 30 days

Weather Forecast

TodayOct 26, 2020
Toledo Bend
Mostly Cloudy

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October 20, 2020 Toledo Bend Fishing Report

Hello, anglers and outdoor addicts. The SRA (Sabine River Authority) says the lake level is 168.02 MSL (Mean
Sea Level) and says there is no generation scheduled for early this week but they will have to let some water
out for the factories below the spillway. North Toledo is stained, mid lake is clear on the big lake and some
stained in the back of coves and creeks. South Toledo is clear with some stained in the back of major creeks.
Water temperature is 73 Fahrenheit.

We are starting to catch both and deep. The shallow patterns includes topwater such as my favorite topwater
is Berkley Chopper in shad patterns and my favorite color is bone. We continue to catch bass on The General
(weightless) and my favorite color is green pumpkin party. We also are catching bass on 5 inch Senkos and
our favorite colors are mad melon and watermelon blue flake. We fish both of this weightless with all the
weight is a 3/0 Aberdeen hook with a 10 pound test Berkley Big Game. Most of my hits on The General or
Senko’s come on the initial cast. I work it a little bit and cast again. Some of our shallow bites come on
Berkley’s Square Bull Crankbait in Sexier Shad in 2 3/4 inches. Berkley has lots of shad colored Squarebulls. The
most bites shallow comes in 2 to 8 feet.

We continue to get deep bites with jigging spoons, Carolina Rigs and drop shot. On the jigging spoons we are
getting hit from 28 to 35 feet. I look for humps on my Humminbird 12 and they show up easily on my big bird.
We catch bass on our Carolina Rigs in 15 to 25 feet with watermelon red, green pumpkin Baby Brush Hogs also
works. We also catch a lot of bass on drop shot in 10 to 25 feet with Ike’s Morning Dawn. This is a Bottom
Hopper. I like to use the large version of the drop shot the 6.25 inch suit’s me just fine instead of the 4.75 inch
version. It gives me more room to bury my hook in the Bottom Hopper. I like to add a 2 foot tag from the
sinker to the Bottom Hopper. I use a 3/0 wide gap hook fusion.

I talked to Crappie guide Tater Reynolds early this week and he said the last time he was on the lake that 4
clients caught 100 crappie which is all of them caught a limit of 25 each. Most of them are suspended in the
man made brush piles about 12-13 feet down man made brush piles in 25-28 feet. Most of these were caught
on live shiners but there are conditions when they want a crappie jig like behind a cold front.

Joe Joslin is a pro guide on both Toledo and Sam Rayburn and a TPWD licensed guide since 1998. Contact him at [email protected], landline 337-463-3848/Cell 337-401-264. Joe Joslin is a syndicated writer and is published by numerous websites, newspapers and magazines. Check out his website at 



Photo Info: Bass angler Chad Hollier with a quality bass that hit a Carolina Rig in 24 feet.
Photo by Joe Joslin Outdoors.